Wheel Minimalist Turntable

March 2, 2017

A significant part of the reason so many vinyl collections sit unused in basements and storage units is the bulky nature of most turntables. People don’t want to add a boxy, wired monstrosity to their otherwise well organized entertainment center. But with Wheel, that won’t be a problem. The team over at Miniot put all [...]

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RokBlok Lets You Play Records Anywhere

December 9, 2016

For all that’s great about vinyl—sound quality, sense of nostalgia—one thing that isn’t so great is its portability. RokBlok is looking to change that. The compact, wireless player rides around your favorite records like a toy train, using its built-in speakers to play your tunes as it goes. If you want to take it to [...]

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Dabs Myla x Munky King – Trouble Trouble Black

August 16, 2016

If you missed the Trouble Trouble Black (+Gold) Edition at SDCC, you’ll be happy to know that the fine folks at Munky King have you covered. The newest edition of Dabs Myla’s explosive tongue-in-cheek vinyl duo (100 pcs, 7.5”) will be available now over at for $70 (+ s/h). As far as we know, [...]

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B.TWO ‘I Dig You’ 7″ Vinyl Single on FATKIDS® Records (AVAILABLE NOW)

August 10, 2016

It’s been a long time coming and we’re happy to announce the launch of our own record label. The first artist signed to FATKIDS® records is DJ/producer extrodinaire from Melbourne, Australia B.TWO. Crowned multiple times DJ Champion and DJ of the year in Australia, he has finally released his first debut single ‘I Dig You’ [...]

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Fools Paradise ‘Lowfool vs Lowfool : Inner Conflict’

August 8, 2016

From Fools Paradise comes “Lowfool vs Lowfool : Inner Conflict” = a Vinyl+PVC make of an awesome dioramic set, featuring an arcade playing, moustache wearing caped Kryptonian! Priced at US$255 (+30US Global EMS Shipping), and limited to 398 pieces worldwide – pre-orders for this 27cm tall Lowfool is available now at Fools Online. Ships 4th [...]

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Coarse – False Friends Reignited

July 10, 2016

Coarse recently released False Friends – Reignited—a glow in the dark edition (345 pcs) of the popular Paw! and Noop pairing for HKD2980 (~ US$384) over at CoarseHKG. This 2016 Anniversary edition celebrates the first appearance of False Friends (2008 at Rotofugi) and first Ignited (GID) figures at SDCC 2013 (Souls Gone Mad). False Friends [...]

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Kidrobot: Akuma Medium Format (7”)

July 6, 2016

Kidrobot has released the OG edition of their first medium format Street Fighter figure – Akuma. Standing 7” tall, Akuma features his signature appearance – red gi, beaded necklace and fiery red hair. He’s available now for $49.99 (+ s/h) from Kidrobot and select retailers. What’s next for Akuma? Well, you likely already know about [...]

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mr clement – astrolapin: full circle

February 15, 2016

mr clement bids adieu to the vinyl toy game. He was able to create vinyl creations for collectors all around the world, that’s why he says farewell with the release of the astrolapin: full circle edition. This final release features a steel-looking statue of mr clement’s latest vinyl figure, astrolapin. They are available for purchase [...]

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Winson Ma – 10th Anniversary Black + White Jungle Art Form Vinyl

February 5, 2016

In 2016 Winson Ma’s Winson Classic Creations will celebrate ten years of ape-tastic art toys. Winson has several special 10th Anniversary releases planned for 2016. First up are extremely limited editions of his 12” Jungle Art Form Vinyl which was released in a full color edition last year. Limited to 50 pieces each, the 10th [...]

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Medicom x D*Face ‘Beethoven’ Vinyl Bust

January 28, 2016

Graffiti artist D*Face, AKA Dean Stockton, will be releasing a new vinyl bust after taking a break from the scene for a few years. In his typically humorous style, this amazingly sculpted bust depicts a subverted image of Ludwig van, complete with D*Face’s signature temple wings. Needless to say, Alex DeLarge would not be amused. [...]

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1980s Andy Warhol Vinyl Collectible Doll by Medicom

January 6, 2016

You might remember Medicom’s This Is Andy entry into their Vinyl Collectible Doll line back in 2012. This new 1980s version of pop art Jesus might not come with interchangeable hair styles or a banana accessory, but you can swap out Andy’s head for a giant CRT TV. Warhol definitely had TV on his mind, [...]

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Coarse – Cancan

December 28, 2015

First shown back in late April at the Thailand Toy Expo, Coarse’s Cancan has made the flight from sculpture to vinyl to be released online on January 5th 2016. The result of Coarse’s desire to make a figure that seemingly floats in the air, the toucan-inspired figure (9”) rests perched on its tail with its [...]

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