The Creep

Kanye West – Power

August 10, 2010

Are there still people who think Kanye is a god? I think dude is an ego driven douche bag. This short clip for his new single “Power” directed by Marco Brambilla satisfies both parties’ opinions. For all my hating, I think this video is pretty sweet, the song is just ok.

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Feelin’ Minnesota – Winter

July 21, 2010

  I came across this sweet little edit from Feelin’ Minnesota. Watch it and be bummed that you didn’t think of skating slabs of ice first. I know I am.

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Nipsey Hussle – Hussle in the House

May 25, 2010

This video is over a year old and I’m sure most of you have already seen it but after searching Fatkids I realised that it hadn’t been posted. I only came across it this week and I am now all about Nipsey Hussle.

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Saint Side – Eazy E & Big L tees

April 1, 2010

Local Melbourne family from the west SAINT SIDE have dropped another run of tees, adding a luxury twist with inspiration from Big L and Eazy E . As always, they print for friends and family then add a few extra, so if you want one, get on it fast. If you don’t know Saint Side, they also sell custom lowrider [...]

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Beef of the Week – North Melbourne Urban Burger

January 25, 2010

So it was lunch time and Benny suggested this joint – Urban Burger.

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Beef of the Week

December 3, 2009

This is my boss. Now I know what you’re thinking, everyone has beef with their boss but seriously,

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