Cheesy Fondue Stool by Satsuki Ohata

April 20, 2015

Liquid cheese floods over the piece of food as it slips deeper into the pot. When retrieved, the viscous melt follows, dripping back into the pot. The delicious process of fondue became the main influence for japanese designer satsuki ohata’s ‘fondue stool’. Taking directly from the gastronomic process, ohata used a sponge dipped in material [...]

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Jigsaw Puzzle Stool / Table

January 31, 2010

If you want something to entertain your guests while they are at your crib, try the Jigsaw Puzzle Stool / Table. This invention can transform on the fly from being a stool to a table when you put 2 together. And just keep adding the pieces if you need more room for magazines, a few [...]

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The HotRider Stool by Jordi Mila

May 5, 2009

The HotRider Stool looks like a high-tech saddle for a galactic space pony. Molded from black carbon fiber, the stool is a product of Spanish designer Jordi Milà. The sleek, tripod legs of the stool make an interesting visual play against the curvy saddle-styled seat. It’s hard to tell exactly what purpose the protruding probe-like [...]

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