Aluminum Zombie Shelter Sign

November 18, 2013

Safely you can hide away (and live to fight another day). When zombies are walking around, they tend to get a little disoriented – especially as their brains begin to rot and fall out in clumps and streams. So, it stands to reason, they need a little help knowing where a safe place to collapse [...]

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Beastie Boys Sign a Memoir Deal

May 5, 2013

Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz, the surviving members of the legendary Beastie Boys, have signed a deal for a book celebrating their history and renowned career. The book is to be edited by hip-hop journalist Sacha Jenkins and will be loosely structured as an oral history. The Beastie Boys are “interested in challenging the form [...]

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Derrick Rose to Sign $250 Million Deal with adidas

January 2, 2012

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose has had one heck of a month to say the least. Just nine days after the announcement of his $94.8 million extension with the Bulls, we have now learned that the 2010-2011 MVP is expected to sign a new contract with adidas reportedly worth $250 million. Sources say this [...]

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