032C Smoker’s Collection Pin Set

August 28, 2017

Ideas pass through our bodies much like cigarette smoke. As we inhale the fumes of our context, we exhale and are left with a faint buzz of the unknown. The 032c Smoker’s Collection is a series of products dedicated to our secret source of inspiration: the cigarette. While the habit has been pushed into the [...]

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Buff Monster – Chrome Mister Melty Set

August 24, 2017

Buff Monster is following up two previous Pink Chrome Mister Melty figures (3” and 5”), with the trifecta—a Chrome Mister Melty set featuring all three Mister Melty (3”) figures. Featuring the classic and timeless chrome appeal, the set features the regular, zombie and two-faced toys complete with swanky velvet bags. As with other drops, the [...]

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DC Comics x Mighty Jaxx ‘XXRAY Villains Wave 2: Suicide Squad Set’

August 19, 2016

We’re hella excited about this drop! Lined-up for a 4th quarter 2016 release is the XXRAY Villains Wave 2: Suicide Squad Set. It features a trio of 4” tall figurines; Harley Quin (Deluxe version), Dead Shot (Deluxe version), and Killer Croc – with both Harley and Deadshot coming in with additional accessories / interchangable parts. [...]

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BB-8 Tea Set

July 8, 2016

It’s time for a droid tea party! C-3PO will do all the introductions, of course. And R2-D2 has already proven himself to be an excellent drink server, so that job should be his. Oh, BB-8, you want to help, too? Let’s see… actually, you’re sort of shaped like a teapot already – how much room [...]

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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Devastator Set

December 1, 2015

Constructicons, merge for the kill There’s an inherent problem with Devastator being the gestalt of six different genius-level engineers. Geniuses have a hard enough time agreeing on a place to go to lunch, let alone settling on the best strategy for taking on an enemy. If only the Transformers G1 had the battle equivalent of [...]

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Luke Chueh x Silent Stage – Monkey on My Back Print Set

August 21, 2015

Silent Stage just released the Monkey on my Back giclee print set from Luke Chueh on their web shop for $135 each or $250 for the set of two. Both Monkey on my Back (Rude Awakening) and Monkey on my Back (Sleeping Burden) are limited to 35 signed/numbered pieces and measure 20×24”. Cop yours now [...]

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Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

April 6, 2015

These are the sushi of the starship Enterprise Uhura has a secret. It’s nothing bad, but it’s just nothing she’s shared with her crewmembers. Uhura loves Argoan sushi. Now, the food synthesizers can make an almost acceptable version, but nothing beats the real thing. And when Uhura can get 100% real Argoan sushi, she has [...]

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Star Wars Auto Coaster Set

October 20, 2014

Keep your TIE Fighter clean. Did you know that cup holders aren’t a standard feature on TIE Fighters? It’s true: you have to pay extra. So, you better believe that if the Empire is footing the bill for cup holders (which they did, after a bunch of protests), they make sure all pilots use these [...]

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Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

April 24, 2014

That *bleep* means your oven’s preheated One of the fun things about using these R2-D2 measuring cups is that you get to play like you’re a Jawa. See, you found this droid, and in order to make it useful, you’re going to have to take it all apart. Utinni! But NOT with your ion blaster. [...]

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Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set

April 21, 2014

BOOM! Offices are warzones: of ideas, of trivia, of foam-based weaponry, and of zingers. Today, we’re going to focus on the last one. You know that feeling when someone says something and you just can’t come up with the funny response you know is needed? Well, don’t fret. Go back to your desk, think about [...]

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“Confession” Set from FOOLS PARADISE x JP TOYS (Thailand Toy Expo-exclusive)

April 11, 2014

The “Confession” Exclusive Set from FOOLS PARADISE x JP TOYS, feats 1 damaged Keiko Vader and 1 damaged Keiko Trooper, in a new colorway (versus the now Sold Out earlier version). Piecing together product details from both Fools’ and JP Toys listings, expect a production run to be 100 units, with 35 sets up for [...]

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Converse Set to Reissue Larry Johnson’s Converse Aero Jam

November 13, 2013

Before stars like Kyrie Irving dressed up as elderly ballers (Uncle Drew), Larry Johnson was doing it as Grand Ma Ma. During his 90s commercials, the former Knicks and Hornets star rocked his signature shoe, the Converse Aero Jam. We’re just now learning that the sneaker is scheduled to release later on this month. While [...]

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