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DGK ‘Malt Liquor’ Series Decks

DGK ‘Malt Liquor’ Series Decks

November 8, 2010

The good ol’ folks from DGK have recently released a new series of decks called ‘Malt Liquor’ series. It consists of 6 pro models, each inspired by the labeling of a particular malt liquor bottle. Check out the availability at your nearest dealers today.

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Mitch x Addict ‘Clown Girl’ Series Decks

October 8, 2010

Who doesn’t love clowns… especially girl clowns? Addict recently got together with UK graphic designer, Mitch to work on their 11th Artist Series. The results were three Clown Girl designed skatedecks… not too bad. Check out more detailed images after the jump.

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Creature ‘Last Laugh’ Series Decks

September 11, 2010

Creature recently came together with Munk One to design their new Last Laugh series decks. There are a total of six pro decks, each of which feature a legendary comedian. From left to right: George Carlin, John Belushi, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison, Chris Farley, and Don Knotts. One word… DOPE!

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Girl ‘On Tap’ Series Decks

August 14, 2010

Skateboards + Beer = a match made in heaven. Girl skateboards recently released a new collection of pro decks called ‘On Tap’. It features Brian Anderson, Mike Mo, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Eric Koston, and Sean Malto. Dopeness!

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Girl Skateboards ‘Girls Girls Girls’ Series Decks

July 28, 2010

This Summer Girl are releasing a set of new pro decks for their collection. This release pays tribute to the biggest female names in Rock. From left to right, Mike Mo’s deck stars a young Joan Jett; Guy Mariano’s features Chrissie Hynde; Alex Olson features Debbie Harry; Sean Malto picked Patti Smith; Eric Koston honoured [...]

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Western Edition “Brush Instrument” Series Decks

October 14, 2009

The new Western Edition drop feature artwork by Ian Johnson. The collection of pieces titled “Brush Instrument” are straight fire! If you skate and appreciate good artwork, get your ass to a Western Edition retailer!

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