Night Shift Bikes Leafy Savage

September 23, 2016

Matt Candler, working under the name Night Shift Bikes, builds kick ass electric bikes that are unique, functional and fun as hell to ride. Candler’s latest build is the Night Shift Bikes Leafy Savage, so named for the combination of the rolling chassis from a 2003 Suzuki Savage and the batteries from a Nissan Leaf. [...]

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NEIGHBORHOOD Savage . Stockman / C-Jkt

January 1, 2016

Taking inspirations from both western and workwear sources once again, the Stockman / C-Jkt returns as part of NEIGHBORHOOD’s 2nd series for this year’s collection. Following in heritage detailing, the jacket features pleated front, asymmetrical waist pocket, selvedge detailing, and brass rivets throughout. For further vintage aesthetics, NBHD finishes the piece utilizing high contrast wash [...]

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NEIGHBORHOOD Rivet Savage Denim

December 1, 2012

The Level 4 Savage denim is perhaps one of the most recognized and iconic products made by NEIGHBORHOOD. Every season NBHD releases a new Savage denim with high anticipation that typically sells out very quickly. This season the heavily repaired and distressed Savage Denim features contrasting repaired denim patchwork on the upper thighs, and most [...]

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