Camera Lens Drink Kooler

January 23, 2014

Maybe you’re a photographer who’s been eyeing our Camera Lens Mug for a while now, but you don’t really have a use for a mug. Well, everybody has use for a mug, but really, they work best for drinkers of hot beverages. For drinkers of soda (or beer), your beverages already come with a convenient [...]

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Kapsones 3D-Printed Lens Hoods

November 4, 2013

3D printing is going to change the world. Once the price on a printer drops enough and we all figure out how the hell to use one, shit’s about to get crazy. As we slowly move into the 3D-printed world, more and more smart ideas and products pop up. The latest are these lens hoods [...]

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Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens

December 19, 2011

Checking emails, brewing a cup of Dagobah Green Tea, putting on Wild Cherry Pepsi lip balm, using PorkKleen Hand Sanitizer to protect yourself from germs, refilling your red Swingline stapler, eating Tribbles n’Bits cereal, reading the newspaper… everything is cooler through a fisheye lens. But the Olloclip doesn’t stop with just a fisheye lens. Compatible [...]

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Factron Takes iPhone Photos to the Next Level

July 8, 2009

Clearly, when taking unflattering pictures at the bar, the iPhone’s built-in camera can’t make you look fabulous on its own. Perhaps Factron’s iPhone case with accompanying lenses will do the trick. There are five of them, including fisheye, super wide and close-up lenses, along with an elegant case that lets everyone know you’re a true [...]

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