Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – Sun Flowers

March 15, 2017

It’s Spring and the Sun Flowers are in bloom, just in time for Art Fair Tokyo 2017 (3.16-3.19). Perennial conspirators Ron English, JPS Gallery, and Made by Monsters have cultivated three varieties – Smiley, Grin, and Sponge! These will be presented as an installation and available for sale JPS’s booth (N21). Luckily, JPS will hold [...]

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Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – Cartman Grin

January 16, 2017

First revealed at last year’s SDCC, Ron English’s Cartman Grin is ready for some deadly serious fun. Limited to 300 hand-numbered pieces, the figure drops on January 19th at 6 PM Pacific for $160 (USA shipping included) exclusively from JPS Gallery. JPS notes that the ‘normal’ version is shown, potentially suggesting included mystery and chase [...]

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Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – MC Joker Grin

May 5, 2016

Who’s Bartman Grin’s nemesis? Why MC Joker Grin of course. Yep, JPS Gallery returns to the costumed hero side of Springfield with this special edition of Ron English’s MC Supersized Grin from Made by Monsters. Limited to 400 pieces, Joker Grin features three secret editions—5%, 10%, and 20%—along with the normal edition (65%) shown above. [...]

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JPS x Ron English x Made by Monsters – Bartman Grin

April 25, 2016

If you missed the blink-of-the-eye drop of JPS Gallery’s Bartman Grin (~ 8”) figure from Ron English and Made by Monsters, all is not lost. Toy Tokyo—and a few overseas retailers—will be releasing limited quantities of Ron’s take on Bart as a superhero. Limited to a total of 400 blind pieces, Bartman Grin—a JPS signature—features [...]

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