Jon-Paul Kaiser


Huck Gee x Jon-Paul Kaiser x Pobber – Skullhead Samurai

September 12, 2016

This Huck Gee and Jon-Paul Kaiser collabo piece looks pretty great, stands 9” tall, has five points of articulation and … comes with a katana for… situations. It’s pretty clear that there will be a general release of the toy sometime after the convention – we’ll be sure to post about it. In addition to [...]

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SpectreHead Custom by JPK

January 7, 2016

JPK starts off the new year with a custom Skullhead, originally by Huck Gee. This private commission is based on the intro sequence from Spectre, 007′s most recent adventure, says Jon-Paul Kaiser, who combined the scene’s Dia de los Muertos theme with the incognito Bond. In case you haven’t seen the movie, the intro is [...]

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Skelevex – Jon-Paul Kaiser custom

August 18, 2015

We’ve been fans of JPK for many years now and to see such a beautiful hand painted piece on a Skelevex just blew us out of the water. Here is a custom full size (5.5″) Skelevex by Jon-Paul Kaiser. Designed by DMS x Alto, cast in resin by DMS. Incredibly detailed custom work, a one [...]

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The Watcher by Jon-Paul Kaiser

December 27, 2014

A very pleasant fellow by the name of Vincent came along to the recent UnAmerican Activity show at TAG recently and to his dismay he found the piece he’d specifically come for had already been sold. We talked about what he liked about the figure, what he would change and we came upon this new [...]

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Custom War Elephant by Jon-Paul Kaiser

November 18, 2014

“This private commission is a customised What-Did-I-Eat-Aphunt, originally by Amanda Visell. I talked to the customer about combining the cavemen from the Tic-Toc Apocalypse series with the Phunt to make a war elephant, complete with a wood-built howdah to house the crew of three and elephant mascot. To give it a more epic appearance I [...]

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Jon Paul Kaiser – Alien Chestburster Custom

August 18, 2014

Jon Paul Kaiser’s latest custom brings to you an iconic scene from the movie Alien, where Kane had his insides brought out by the chestbursting alien! “I wanted to capture that moment when everything is in a state of flux; Kane is on the cusp of death, the alien is at last born but not [...]

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Jon-Paul Kaiser – Joker and Grumpy Souls Gone Mad Customs

January 14, 2014

Jon-Paul Kaiser starts off 2014 has taken a Souls Gone Mad set (Coarse) and transformed the two pieces into his renditions of the Joker and Grumpy as seen in the bank heist from the Dark Knight film. As he sometimes does, JPK has added a splash of color to his white + black detailed style. [...]

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Coarse Omen Custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

December 19, 2013

“This is my first Omen custom, it was for a private commission and is untitled. The mechanical theme was requested and I took inspiration from Bubo; the mechanical Owl from Clash of the Titans but is very different in it’s look and sinister edge.” – JPK This is one of Jon-Paul Kaisers’ latest custom piece. [...]

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El Panda custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

February 5, 2013

“I had quite a few guidelines for this guy – including the Beats headphone, Nike Jacket & sneakers and the Biggie graphic on the t-shirt. Normally when requests are too specific it can be detrimental to the figure, however Kevin clearly took his time looking at the figure and deciding how it would look best [...]

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Sushi Master Custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

February 2, 2013

“He’s the Sushi Master, a Mini-Munny custom I finished last week for a very talented sushi chef. I crafted his sushi knife out of brass, wood & twine – an accessory he definitely needed, and though the photos don’t show it up too well, there’s a fine shell pattern in red on his clothing trim.” [...]

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Bitsumo by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Bitsumo by Jon-Paul Kaiser

January 13, 2013

Jon-Paul Kaiser has been posting work-in-progress shots of his BITSUMO commissioned custom piece for a bit, and now it’s all done and we are honored to be able to show him off to you. Check out more images of his detailed Bitsumo below. “He’s a relatively straight-forward take on the sumo wrestler, though with extensive [...]

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Apocalypse 3-inch Dunny Series Preview

October 30, 2012

Dunny celebrates the end of the world with a group of artists so badass, you’ll wish every year prophesized mass destruction. Angels of death, soapbox protestors, Mayan feathered serpents, toxic meltdowns – so many versions of Doomsday, how do you choose just one way to go? The Apocalypse Dunny Series features 15 Judgment Day designs [...]

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