Joe Ledbetter


Joe Ledbetter Makes his DesignerCon Debut with Crazy Cat-Zilla

November 17, 2015

Joe Ledbetter will be exhibiting at DesignerCon for the very first time this year. He has several exciting releases for the occasion including Crazy-Catzilla!, the fifth and final edition of his Fire-Cat vinyl, and a new print edition—The Tourist. Limited to just 75 pieces, the bright-yellow frenetic edition would make a great companion to the [...]

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Joe Ledbetter – Chaos Bunny Pins + Magnets

August 7, 2015

Joe Ledbetter has just launched a new series of Chaos Bunny lifestyle items available from his online shop. First up are five deluxe enamel pins loaded with special features. The regular Mr. Bunny and Lava feature bobble ears that wobble and move along with the wearer–the effect looks great. Taking a different tack on motion, [...]

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Joe Ledbetter x Munky King – Business Monkey

March 5, 2015

Ready for more Monkey Business? Munky King and Joe Ledbetter are happy to oblige with the new Business Monkey. The latest incarnation of Joe’s Good Morning Sunshine figure, features a very focused monkey who knows what he wants – moola, dough, cold hard cash, and as much of it as he can grab. Nice touches [...]

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Joe Ledbetter ‘Ice-Cat’ is Incoming

February 12, 2015

After a quick tease, Joe Ledbetter has revealed Ice-Cat, the coolest cat on the block. In the decade since his first appearance, the cold one’s powers have been growing to the point that his Ice Flame is more powerful than ever, wrapping right around himself. The new edition also features subtle snowflake deco throughout. Limited [...]

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November 12, 2014

Based on Joe Ledbetter’s painting, “Good Morning Sunshine”, the original edition finds Monkey wearing his skivvies and the same dour expression as in all the other colorways. Pick up a signed piece and say hi to Joe at the DesignerCon Munky King booth (#100). And bring coffee and cigarettes. Available now HERE.

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Minty Fresh Exclusive Poker Monkey by Joe Ledbetter

October 24, 2014

Joe Ledbetter’s brand new Poker Monkey has finally been revealed! This Minty Fresh exclusive is available now only though the Minty Fresh webstore. This brand new edition features Joe’s monkey playing a game of cards, rather than sipping on his morning coffee. The Poker Monkey is limited to 100 pieces, produced by Munky King and [...]

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Joe Ledbetter – Fire-Catzilla

September 30, 2014

Rrrrraaarrrr… Or is that ギャオォー ? Joe Ledbetter is about to unleash Fire-Catzilla, the 2nd edition of his independently produced new Firecat art toy. The new edition transforms the beast from a 2009 painting into a fierce vinyl figure complete with redesigned flame featuring a sound Japanese children use to imitate Godzilla and newly sculpted [...]

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Lava Edition Monkey by Joe Ledbetter x Munky King for SDCC 2014

July 21, 2014

Munky King proudly presents “Monkey,” based on the original painting “Good Morning Sunshine” by Joe Ledbetter. One of Joe’s most post popular characters, Monkey looks the way we feel as we wake up and trudge through the jungle of life. Joe’s ever popular traditional LAVA colorway will debut at MK’s booth (#4851) at San Diego [...]

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Joe Ledbetter – Self-Produced Fire-Cat Release!

June 25, 2014

We have the official release information for Joe Ledbetter’s first Independent Vinyl Figure release, the brand new Fire-Cat. This drop is limited to 400 pieces and stands 11” tall. There is also 5 points of articulation, spray effects inside the mouth and in the flame, and comes window boxed. These will be available directly through [...]

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8″ Astro Zombie Bunny by Joe Ledbetter

August 30, 2013

This is the SDCC Astro Zombie version of Mr. Bunny by Joe Ledbetter. Brains! Brains! Brains! This cute, cuddly creature has fallen to the zombie nation, now he’s out to get you with his walking dead, gooey oozey, brain eating nibblers. Mr. Bunny sits 8″ tall (20 cm) and is packaged in a collector’s blister [...]

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10″ Pirate Bunny by Joe Ledbetter

August 13, 2013

Vast ye land-lovers! A plunderer, hornswaggler, swindler, and scallywag you would be hard-pressed to find any redeemable qualities for Pirate Bunny. Known to be heavy on the sauce, quick with the blade, and averse to taking prisoners, he sailed to the ends of the seas seeking bounty and booty. However, he sadly became shark bait [...]

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Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects ‘Snow Bunny’

April 13, 2013

Announcing the latest Mr Bunny release from Joe Ledbetter: SNOW BUNNY! Limited to 250 of these 10-inch vinyls, they are avaialbe now exclusively on priced at US$135. It come packaged in a jumbo-sized (and re-sealable) blister pack as well. SICK!

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