Levitating Wireless Phone Charger

July 26, 2016

OvRcharge takes everything we love about things floating in the air while rotating and combines it with wireless induction charging to display your phone in a completely unique way while making sure you’ll also have enough juice for that last snap, Pokemon or check-in. The OvRcharge base is a smallish wooden block that with both [...]

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Native Union iPhone Lightning Dock Slate

July 4, 2016

Innovative and carefully considered, Native Union’s pieces are designed to counteract the soulless, plastic designs that are so often associated with technical accessories. Combining the finest, somewhat unexpected materials with a sleek aesthetic, the collection reimagines the way we look at some of life’s most essential items. An impressively minimal approach to the charging dock [...]

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Sony Glass Sound Speaker

May 28, 2016

The Life Space UX product range from Sony aims to create a new kind of living experience. Contrary to techy showpieces that dominate your space, these highly innovative and beautiful objects seamlessly integrate into your existing surroundings. The Glass Sound Speaker looks like sleek, softly glowing lantern but is also a powerful speaker with breathtaking [...]

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Framed Tech

May 24, 2016

With a motto like “if you can’t open it, you can’t own it,” it should come as no surprise that the people behind Framed Tech know a thing or two about how to disassemble everything from the original Atari and its cartridges to a PS3 controller and an early iPhone. As their name implies, Framed [...]

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Zeiss External iPhone Lenses

January 18, 2016

If you’re not familiar with Zeiss, they’ve been making optical systems ever since Carl Zeiss founded the company over a century and a half ago. They’ve made camera lenses for manufacturers ranging from Hasselblad and Rollei to Leica and Ricoh, so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about giving you the [...]

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Minimal Charging Docks From Native Union

November 16, 2015

Native Union isn’t a new brand around these parts because they’ve been innovating in the worlds in and around gadgets for a while. The Jump Cable charges and gives you extra juice. The Monkey’s Fist Cable makes your cable impossible to lose. Now, Native Union has unveiled an entire line of minimal charging docks based [...]

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The Lumenati CS1 Turns Your iPhone into a Super 8 Camera

July 14, 2015

The Lumenati CS1 Smartcase that just launched on Kickstarter is a modern interpretation of the Super 8 cameras that were hugely popular decades ago. Instead of loading a film cartridge into the body like you would with the original, the Lumenati CS1 uses your iPhone 6 to capture your shots. But you can already shoot [...]

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Luna Concrete iPhone Skins

March 14, 2015

The original Luna Concrete iPhone Skin by Posh Projects was cool, but it wasn’t perfect. The iPhone 6 didn’t exist at the time, so they had to create a new, bigger version to tackle the new phone (no 6 Plus skin … yet). More importantly than that, they made a few changes to the skin [...]

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The Moment Case Will Take Your iPhone Photography To Another Level

January 30, 2015

Last year, along with 4,700+ other Kickstarter backers, we tossed our support behind the Moment lens. After using it for some time now, we can safely say it has been a blessing to our iPhone photography. But it’s not perfect. Now the company is back on the crowdfunding site with the Moment Case, which fixes [...]

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Poppy – 3D Creator & Viewer For iPhone

November 20, 2014

iPhone 3D! In the olden days, before phones fit in your pocket (heck, even before phones) a technology swept the world. It was called various things, but it ended up with an image that was flat like a painting, but was an actual representation of real life. Yes, it was a photograph. But some folks [...]

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USB Device Cables Made From Denim And Leather

September 2, 2014

It doesn’t matter if you’re a member of the Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry smartphone camp, there’s always one thing everyone can agree on–the cables all suck. You’ll generally only find them in one of two colors. They get tangled. The coating gets separated from the cables and the ends get gnarly. They’re all either [...]

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Chinon iPhone Speaker Feels Like Old Times

August 29, 2014

There are speakers you plug your iPhone into with a cable. Speakers you connect to with Bluetooth. Speakers that passively amplify sound (this is the old plastic cup trick). The Legato CH-PS840 from Chinon is one of the latter, but it’s also different than other passive amps on the market. For starters, each of the [...]

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