Hot Sauce Committee Part Two


Beastie Boys ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’ Deluxe Edition

November 10, 2011

Oh dear lord.. this release is goin’ to get the BB fans excited! Beastie Boys have this ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’ Deluxe Edition available now for pre-orders HERE now. This release includes a Blu Ray and DVD version of the entire album PLUS all of the REMIXES mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound [...]

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Beastie Boys talk “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” with DJ Reflex

May 6, 2011

DJ Reflex of Power 106 Los Angeles gets a visit from Ad-Rock and Mike D of music icons The Beastie Boys to discuss their new album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 along with an candid discussion on their current sound, longevity as artists, and passion for world causes. They also promise Reflex that he can [...]

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Beastie Boys ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’ Album Cover

March 15, 2011

Here is a look at Beastie Boys’s latest album cover ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’ that will be dropping in May. Can’t WAIT!!!

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