Bandai x ThreeZero Full Metal Ghost – Shadow Blade

May 9, 2016

We want to pretend to be Gundam experts, but unfortunately the myriad Gundam series spans over two decades and has us spinning in confusion during the day while we dream of giant battling robots at night. What we do know is that Gundam is cool and tells the classic tale of giant robotic suits powered [...]

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Black Fluid: The New HYT “Ghost” and “Full Gold” H1 Editions

April 24, 2016

As if HYT’s “fluid time” technology was not cool enough, now the they’ve developed a new black fluid and dropped it into the H1 Ghost. Not just any black fluid either — this is an opaque fluid does not emit or reflect any light, which means that come night, it is invisible. However, so that [...]

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Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp

May 29, 2015

Our advice for a trip? Pac light. Many a Pac-Man (or Ms. Pac-Man) arcade cabinet have lighted our way when we were stuck in dark places. Dark places like arcades. Or 80s pizza parlors. Or the dark place of being a hormonal teenager and thinking nobody understands what you’re going through. Allow this Pac-Man Ghost [...]

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ThreeA Toy ULTRON in 1/6 (Classic, Shadow and Ghost Editions)

May 10, 2015

MARVEL’s ULTRON by ThreeA Toys have recently released on and you best be on your way there now because these beauties are amazing. The trio of editions, officially licensed by Marvel stand at 13 Inches (33.5cm) tall, and is fully posable. It also includes articulated fingers, plated armor design, and LED illuminated Eyes, Mouth, [...]

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Stone Island Ventile Ghost Jacket

January 4, 2012

Stone Island has released a Navy Ventile ghost jacket that is made from 100% cotton long staple fibre. Made in the UK, the properties of the material used for this jacket allows it to marvel against different weather conditions. Featuring 2 large pockets at the front, adjustable cuffs, visored hood and hidden zip covered by [...]

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Wu-Tang x Rocksmith 2010 Holiday Capsule Collection

October 27, 2010

EPIC is all we have to say about this major collaboration between the Wu-Tang brand and Rocksmith. The 2 giants have come together to release a capsule collection for the holiday season and it will indeed keep all Wu fans happy. We predict that it won’t even last 2 seconds on the shelves. Hit the [...]

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SABE, GHOST & SENTO Books Release Tour

October 21, 2010

We previewed GHOST’s book a week or so ago and now SABE & SENTO from RIS are dropping their books as well. The trio will be doing a tour around Europe called “On The Run Books Release Tour”. This tour will definitely do the boys good and also allow them to connect with their fans [...]

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Rolls-Royce Ghost “Numero Uno” by Deutsche Manufaktur

December 3, 2009

“Numero Uno” as its called is the new RR Ghost EX200 that has been tweaked by Deutsche Manufaktur. The mechanically and aesthetically refined beast comes with wood, carbon fiber or Alcantara finishing in addition to hand-stitched leather for the upholstery in various color combinations. If you’re a big fan of Roll Royce, get your “Numero [...]

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Dee & Ricky Lego Project

September 2, 2009

Who doesn’t love lego? Dee & Ricky recently started a new LEGO project featuring a Pac-Man Ghost and an Apple motif (in several color ways). The Apple is going for $75 USD while the Pac-Man Ghost retails at $85 USD.

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