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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Team Medical Dragon

July 1, 2012

  Hey guys! I do apologise for my absence last week! But I’m back this week with a very unique manga that I’d like to review and share with you all! This manga in Japanese is called ‘医龍 Iryu’ or in English as ‘Team Medical Dragon’. This manga could be one of the most serious manga’s [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Gamble Fish

June 17, 2012

Good morning ya’ll!! What’s up!? How’s things going? Man oh man, todays review is on a manga which I’m still currently reading. It’s quite ridiculous but it’s damn interesting! As you can tell from the title, this manga is called Gamble Fish. Oh man if only highschool was this interesting…. with situations as ridic as [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Vagabond

June 3, 2012

Wassup guys! How did you like the manga Rurouni Kenshin from last weeks review? To keep up with the whole lone samurai theme, I thought I review another exciting manga. This manga is called Vagabond, for the frequent manga readers like myself, you might recognise the artist by the art style from the pic above, [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Rurouni Kenshin

May 27, 2012

Hello!! Good to see you again this week!!! How’ve you all been? Today I’ve got another one of the most interesting manga to view, which makes me think why the hell have I left it till now to review?! Hahaha! I should have reviewed it ions ago! Anyway, its a 90′s cult manga called Rurouni Kenshin, [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

May 20, 2012

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures manga series has got to be one of the longest manga series I know. Dating back to 1987, it is still currently running. The manga features many arcs, each of them is an adventure of a member in the Joestar family spanning from different generations. Each arc has its own unique story [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Shamo

May 13, 2012

Good morning guys! Good to see ya again! I hope you’ve said ‘I love you’ to your mother today as it is Mothers Day! Today I’ve got a manga that I’ve been reading for a while now, it’s 27 volumes deep and it is still on going, I’ve started reading this maybe 5 years back, [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Sun Ken Rock

May 6, 2012

Apologies on my absence last week! This week I have an exciting manga I want to share with all of you! It’s called Sun Ken Rock. I am currently reading this manga and it’s 15 volumes deep (plenty of chapters to keep ya’ busy for now). I have to say this manga has got a [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Old Boy

April 22, 2012

Oh boy~ OLD BOY! This is a classic manga with a great storyline. And it will keep you captivated for the entire way through. I remember reading this when when it released in 1996 and was only doin’ it to kill time. Somehow it turned out to be one of the most epic reads and [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Ichi the Killer (koroshiya Ichi)

April 15, 2012

Boy oh boy… do I have an epic manga in store for you this week!! I initially came across this manga because of the live action film ‘Ichi The Killer’ I watched a while back. The movie was so grotesque and disgusting, not only could I not stop watching it, it left a very deep [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Detective Conan (Cased Closed)

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you’re all stuffing yourself with lots of chocolates and other treats! I can’t cos’ I’m dieting NAWWWWW SCREW IT!! NOM NOM NOM!!! Hahaha! This week I have the honor of reviewing an old series that started in 1994 but still ongoing called Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan in Japanese). Due to copyright [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Initial D

March 25, 2012

This was the manga that lead to the destruction/downfall of my high school grades (i’m serious). It’s so good it makes you wanna race all the time. When they released the arcade game, I use to spend hours at the arcade center racing (aka wasting money and time). Enough talk about my younger days, lets [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Battle Royale

March 18, 2012

When I first knew and saw Battle Royale, I saw it as a movie adaptation, which was a pretty damn awesome movie. After watching the movie, I found the actual manga for it. I knew I had to read it. Battle Royale was originally a novel written by Koushun Takami in 1999, and it was [...]

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