Squadt Troubleboy Custom by JonPaul Kaiser

May 27, 2015

“It’s a Troubleboy Squadt from Ferg and Brandt Peters, tooled up, tattooed up and ready for action. This was a private commission and the photography is by Justin Allfree.” – JPK

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Nike LeBron 12 (Air Mag CUSTOM)

May 19, 2015

Nike Air Mag + Nike LeBron 12?!?!?! If you ever wondered what the LeBron 12 would look like with the Marty McFly look then this is for you. With the announcement that the Air Mag will be returning this year with a new auto lacing system, the Mag craze is at an all time high. [...]

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Custom MICKIV by JPK

April 22, 2015

JPK gets anatomical in his latest custom, which uses Arvik Vilmansa’s 8″ MICKIV as a base. Given free rein by the collector who commissioned the piece, Jon-Paul put his fine-lined brush skills to the test. The movement and clustering of the muscle fibers are really impressive. JPK is known for his high contrast paint work, [...]

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Bike Check 1 2 : Leader LD 735TT 2008 (Custom Paint)

April 20, 2015

Frame / Size / Year: Leader LD 735TT 2008, with custom paint (pearl white / Martini racing stripes) Handlebars / Stem: Nitto RB-021 / Ritchey Comp Road Stem (90mm), custom matte black paint Fork / Headset: Leader LD I806A Aluminum / IS6 with Carbon Cap, custom matte black paint Front Wheel / Hub / Rim [...]

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Sket-One – “Anticipation Sketchup” 8” Custom Dunny

March 6, 2015

After 5 years, Sket-One will finally be releasing a brand hew inception of his classic “Sketchup” custom Dunny. After doing the KikkoSket in that beautiful clear resin, we are glad to see that he will be doing the same technique on this run. These will be available via Sket’s webstore HERE TODAY, March 6th at [...]

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Bone Bunny Dissected Labbit Custom from JonPaul Kaiser

February 1, 2015

“It’s a Bone Bunny by Frank Kozik that I painted up last year, with a besuited gentleman Labbit on the outside, complete with monocle, with the inside showing a more hellish affair, with lost souls weaving through his skeleton. The photography is by Justin Allfree.” – JonPaul Kaiser

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IREZUMI Custom by LiL Japan

November 21, 2014

“IREZUMI” by Lil Japan is a custom-TARGET, done in a run of 3 sets for Munky King – each priced at US$350 – and was released at their booth in DesignerCon 2014, and has since been Sold Out on their website. Regardless of it’s availability status, it still looks awesome and deserves a post.

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Custom War Elephant by Jon-Paul Kaiser

November 18, 2014

“This private commission is a customised What-Did-I-Eat-Aphunt, originally by Amanda Visell. I talked to the customer about combining the cavemen from the Tic-Toc Apocalypse series with the Phunt to make a war elephant, complete with a wood-built howdah to house the crew of three and elephant mascot. To give it a more epic appearance I [...]

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Bike Check 1 2 : Hollingsworth Custom Track

November 10, 2014

Frame / Size / Year: custom hollingsworth track Handlebars / Stem: no name risers/nitto jaguar Fork / Headset: hollingsworth track (35mm rake, round blades)/miche Front Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire: spinergy rev x Rear Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire: miche pistard/velocity deep v 32h Crankset / Bottom Bracket: miche primato/miche Saddle [...]

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JonPaul Kaiser – Moby Dick Themed Custom 3” Dunny

September 26, 2014

JonPaul Kaiser shares with us another one of his amazing commission customs! Here we have a Moby Dick themed piece on Sket-One’s 3” Sketchup Dunny. JPK was able to capture the Pequod as a ship-in-a-bottle, as the great white whale descends into the deep ocean. It’s hard to believe he fit all of this onto [...]

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“The Kawzik Night Gamer” Custom 14″ by Plaseebo

September 23, 2014

“The Kawzik Night Gamer” by Plaseebo is a one-of-a-kind mash-up vinyl custom of a re-sculpted Plaseebo Night Gamer head and a Kozik altered Kaws Companion body. Standing 14 inches tall with blue glass inset eyes, this piece is currently available for US$$2,200 HERE.

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Jon Paul Kaiser – Alien Chestburster Custom

August 18, 2014

Jon Paul Kaiser’s latest custom brings to you an iconic scene from the movie Alien, where Kane had his insides brought out by the chestbursting alien! “I wanted to capture that moment when everything is in a state of flux; Kane is on the cusp of death, the alien is at last born but not [...]

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