Action Figures


Famous Brands Turned Into Action Figures

August 25, 2017

Swiss artist and illustrator Dexter Maurer has taken some of the worlds most iconic brands and turned them into unique action figures for his Brand Knight project. Puma becomes The Wild Knight, a purple cat-like figure with two puma claws and one wild halberd. Nike becomes The Night Knight, a medieval / Arabian style suit [...]

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UNKLE x Super 7 25th Anniversary Action Figures

July 20, 2017

Super7 has been teasing their upcoming collaboration with UNKLE, set to drop at a special two-day event at their San Diego location (7.22-7.23). Thanks to a nice Hypebeast article we now know that the mysterious project is actually an UNKLE action figure and record combo packaged inside a matching Pointman clamshell—part of UNKLE’s 25th anniversary. [...]

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Super7 – Masters Of The Universe Retro Action Figures

February 24, 2016

It was at San Diego Comic-Con where Super7 first debut released their Masters of the Universe Action figure line with the 4 piece prototype pack. At the recent New York Toy Fair, they showed off what a lot of us have been waiting for! The announcement of the fully painted versions from their 3.75 Action [...]

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Seinfeld Action Figures by Vinyl Sugar

April 23, 2015

Thanks to the latest line of toys from Vinyl Sugar, you can create your own scenes about nothing. The recently announced line of cartoonish figures from the Funko line includes a handful of memorable Seinfeld characters. Choose from Kramer, The Soup Nazi, Newman, J. Peterman, Puddy, and Frank Costanza (complete with Festivus pole). Each embodies [...]

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Animated Batman Action Figures Debut At Toy Fair

February 23, 2014

DC Collectibles has announced a gorgeous new line of action figures from Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. Each figure will be 6″ tall and based on Bruce Timm’s designs. So far, they’ve only unveiled Batman and Catwoman with Mr. Freeze and Two-Face finishing off wave one. Expect to see these in [...]

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Django Unchained Action Figures Update from ENTERBAY & NECA3

Django Unchained Action Figures from ENTERBAY & NECA

January 23, 2013

Two slices of “Django Unchained” toy-news, first of posted above, we have a group shot of the 6 x NECA figurines, which had since been discontinued by the request of The Weinstein Company (distributors of the film), due to “controversy” surrounding these figures, which folks are unhappy with because they depict/promote “slavery”. Seriously? Wow. Exepct [...]

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Reservoir Dogs Action Figures

January 8, 2013

From the cult-classic film Reservoir Dogs that launched Quentin Tarantino’s career, comes this exciting set of action figures. It includes 5 articulated characters with connecting display bases: Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink, and Mr. Brown. Each stands 7-inches tall and arrives with various cool accessories: gun, sunglasses, base, and more. (Subject to [...]

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New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures Revealed!

February 6, 2012

Nickelodeon is releasing a new CG animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show later this year, and that of course means new toys. Playmates has several options for fans of the fighting reptiles. You can get basic or deluxe figures, classic and new style TMNTs, and there’s a sewer playset option. The only thing I see [...]

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DC x MAD Magazine ‘Just-Us League of Stupid Heroes’ Action Figures

February 3, 2012

MAD Magazine will be turning 60 and to celebrate the momentous occasion, this amazing set of collectible action figures will be released. Called the Just-Us League of Stupid Heroes, we see the iconic Alfred E. Neuman under the guise of some other highly recognizable characters. The face of MAD dons the attire of Superman, Batman, [...]

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Action Figures of Our Favorite Modern Artists

May 21, 2010

We are always showcasing the paintings, drawings, sculptures and etc of our favorite modern artists but never about them. Thanks to Mike Leavitt, they have been put in the spotlight with their very own action figures! Featuring Sam Floers, Ron English, Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Banksy and more. Hit the jump to check out more [...]

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“Wild Grinders” Action Figures

March 2, 2010

If you are a fan of the Rob Dyrdek cartoon ‘Wild Grinders’, you will be happy to know that the action figures are now available in all good toy stores. The drop includes all five characters and dogs Meaty & Beefy.

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The Cool Kids – Action Figures

December 8, 2009

Ok… this is unofficial… but it should be official!

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