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12th April 2011
Advertising Sales Manager Wanted

Fat Kids are looking for an advertising sales manager to assists in their daily operations. If you are a street culture enthusiast, love to work in a fun and creative environment and have a passion for selling advertising space, hit us up at

Applicant must have:
- great personality
- a wide knowledge base in fashion, music, arts, and entertainment industries locally (Australia) and internationally
- discipline and responsible
- knowledge of how to use Microsoft office (word, excel and more), Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, image ready, and basic HTML
- have prior experience working in a digital agency
- posess an existing database of clientele
- minimum 1 year experience in selling online advertising space
- must be based in Melbourne, Australia
- be able to work in the Fat Kids office twice a week

If you fit the criteria above perfectly, please send your resume along with a cover letter to and we will be in touch shortly.

Applications close 30th April 2011.

1st March 2011

We are looking for writers who are passionate and well versed with street culture and would like to contribute to our humble website.

Writers must have:
- Minimum 1 year experience in writing
- Experience in using wordpress and basic HTML
- Be passionate about the topics they write about
- Well versed with street culture and have a firm grasp on the latest happenings/releases (fashion, music, art, sneakers, skateboarding, BMX, fixie and more)
- a good eye for dopeness!

The most important thing is to be a fat kid at heart!

If being a writer in the street culture realm is what you are passionate about, hit us up with a resume, cover letter, and three relevant samples at