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Product Review : Crumpler Cobram Outpost (Navy)

June 11, 2013

Product Press: Sometimes you go to the photo op. Sometimes it comes to you. So at all times—and places—you want the messenger style Cobram Outpost by your side. Large enough to hold a pro camera set, tripod, accessories and 15-inch laptop, rugged enough to host its own ‘Bag versus Wild’ TV show, its clever dual [...]

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Belmore Footmakers

November 12, 2012

Premium, Authentic, Hand crafted. These are just some of the words that springs to my mind when I see the boots made by Belmore. There are not many authentic boot stores around where every single shoe are carefully and beautifully handcrafted by master shoemakers. There are never two shoes that are the same. Belmore Bootmakers were [...]

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Product Review : Crumpler Dry Red No 3 Carry-On Luggage (Red)

August 12, 2012

Product Press: Light in weight, heavy on features, and just right for short stays or overnighters, this compact wheelie adapts to your needs as fast as you can say ‘chicken or the fish?’. As carry on luggage, its accessible front pocket will hold your laptop and personal items, while the main compartment holds your clothing. [...]

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Product Review: UNDERCOVER x Nike Gyakusou the AS UC Dri-FIT UV Sweat Hood

August 5, 2012

  Today’s product review is on the AS UC Dri-FIT UV sweat hood by Nike x UNDERCOVER Gyakusou. Gyakusou is in its 4th season this year. For those who’ve just heard of Gyakusou, this is a sub brand from UNDERCOVER’s Jun Takahashi along side Nike. The AS Dri-FIT UV sweat hood that will be reviewed [...]

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Product Review: LEGO HEAVY WEAPONS by Jack Streat

July 22, 2012

  Lego was something I grew up with and I’m sure likewise with majority of kids who grew up in the 80s and 90s. For those who has been deprived from Lego…. my condolences… LOL. Lego has allowed kids to explore their imagination whether its to make pirate ships, castles, cars, and even as an [...]

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Product Review : Crumpler Dry Red No 5 Backpack (Black)

July 15, 2012

Product Press: Whether you’re dressed up for a business trip or down for some serious holidaying, this multi-tasking backpack is the ideal companion for the laptop-toting traveller. As comfortable to carry as it capacious, the Dry Red No. 5 features a mini office organiser up front, a padded sleeve for your 15-inch MacBook at the [...]

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Product Review : NIKE x UNDERCOVER – GYAKUSOU Convertible Hooded Jacket Spring 12′

April 29, 2012

The Spring 2012 GYAKUSOU collection continues to bring the best of the two collaborative brands together resulting in a line of functional apparel. The minimalist design of Jun Takahashi’s Undercover Lab blends perfectly with Nike’s high-tech materials making it a must have for all running enthusiasts. When the Gyakusou launched a few seasons ago, we [...]

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Movie Review: Redline

April 22, 2012

Aww man! If ya’ll like adrenaline pumping movies, ya’ll gonna love this one! The name as you can already see from the picture is called Redline! Synopsis: Redline is about the Universe’s most deadliest race that is held every five years called ‘Redline’. This Inter-Galactic race for the insane has no rules, every contestant can [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Detective Conan (Cased Closed)

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you’re all stuffing yourself with lots of chocolates and other treats! I can’t cos’ I’m dieting NAWWWWW SCREW IT!! NOM NOM NOM!!! Hahaha! This week I have the honor of reviewing an old series that started in 1994 but still ongoing called Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan in Japanese). Due to copyright [...]

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Product Review : Nike NSW TC Kobe Leather Destroyer Jacket

April 8, 2012

Product Press: Nike’s Destroyer jacket gets remixed in a way that only basketball legend Kobe Bryant could inspire. This silhouette has been giving athletes basketball style since 2006 when it was created for an imaginary team called the Dunk High Destroyers. Combine that Nike heritage with the barrier-breaking attitude of the Black Mamba (aka Kobe [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Hajime No Ippo

April 1, 2012

Hajime no Ippo or aka Fighting Spirit is one of my favourite manga of all time! Thats right! OF ALL TIME! It’s been released during the 90s but it wasn’t until my high school days…in the early 2000 that I started reading the manga and watched the Anime. Hajime no Ippo is a sports manga [...]

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Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Initial D

March 25, 2012

This was the manga that lead to the destruction/downfall of my high school grades (i’m serious). It’s so good it makes you wanna race all the time. When they released the arcade game, I use to spend hours at the arcade center racing (aka wasting money and time). Enough talk about my younger days, lets [...]

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