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TRANSFORMERS WAVE 3 by The Loyal Subjects

December 9, 2014

TRANSFORMERS WAVE 3 by The Loyal Subjects have a RRP of US$12.99 Per Blindbox / $208.00 Per Display – Purchase via This is a Presale Item. Ships late February.

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18-inch CHETROOPR Bust from Urban Medium

December 7, 2014

This limited edition piece of art stands 18-inches tall with a satin white finish. Cast in resin, the bust weighs in at 9.2lbs. Limited to 15 total pieces, each bust is signed and numbered by the artist, includes UrbanMedium large-format stickers and is boxed securely for US or International shipping. Available now HERE.

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J Dilla figure by Pay Jay

December 5, 2014

The J Dilla Figure is an official Pay Jay Productions release, produced under the oversight of the Estate of James Yancey. The Figure was conceived and rendered by Detroit artist Sintex, designed and sculpted by Seoul-based toy artist P2PL. It was manufactured by Blitzway on behalf of Pay Jay. It is a collaborative release with [...]

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3A x Transformers – Bumblebee

December 4, 2014

Two Words: “Transformers” and “3A”. And with 3A Toys’ track record of producing mecha toys, and perhaps an anticipated “redo” ala the art of Ashley Wood, this series no doubt has folks’ collective interests piqued! And the first to be revealed is BUMBLEBEE! And while we do not know for certain if the Autobot figure [...]

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Star Wars Lawn Ornament

December 3, 2014

Remember the fallen The planet we know as Hoth is the sixth planet of the Hoth system (a remote system where the Rebels tried to hide and plan). Really makes us wonder what the other planets in the Hoth system are called. Maybe they’re all called Hoth, and it was just confusion based on poor [...]

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Ron English x BlackBook Toy – Big Boner Myth Edition

December 2, 2014

Next up from BlackBook Toy is the new Big Boner Myth edition from Ron English. Inspired by the treasure one might find in an ancient ruin, the stunning new edition features clear vinyl with black poured inside, finished off with gold rub on the exterior. We’re impressed with the use of mixed deco techniques which [...]

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Mighty Jaxx x Yosuke Ueno – Negative Never Again

December 1, 2014

Mighty Jaxx just released the Neon Pink Negative Never Again by Yosuke Ueno. Standing 8” tall, this the latest edition of the polystone art figure based on the original painting. This is a beautiful collaborative effort from both parties and is a must have item!

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Boba Fett + Scout Trooper – Star Wars x A Bathing Ape VCDs from Medicom Toy

November 29, 2014

Medicom Toy offers up the latest STAR WARS X A BATHING APE VCDs (Vinyl Collectible Dolls) – featuring BOBA FETT (in two versions!) and a SCOUT TROOPER! Both VCD BOBA FETT(TM) ESB Ver. and VCD BOBA FETT(TM) ROJ Ver. (“Empire Strikes Back” and “Return Of the Jedi”, if you were wondering) have a SRP of [...]

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Petit Lapin ‘blowing in the wind’ Edition from mr clement

November 28, 2014

Petit Lapin ‘blowing in the wind’ Edition from mr clement is currently open for orders, with a trio of flocked colorways to be had (White / Grey / Charcoal), in a run of 100 figures of each colorway. Made of Vinyl, Fabric & Metal, the figures are sized 25cm X 8.5cm X 6.5cm, and are [...]

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3AGO-Edition SEVEN BONES KYOKU by 3A Toys for #ToySoul2014

November 27, 2014

3A Toys will be releasing the 3AGO version of their SEVEN BONES KYOKU at Toy Soul 2014 (Dec 19-21, 2014), in addition to their earlier teased “Mong Kok Adventure” Isobelles. No further details for this 8-inch tall articulated figure, least it’s awesome puffy-jacket and all the trappings of awesome-toyness to be had, even if you [...]

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Brandt Peters x FERG – Terror Boys Gohstbat [Yeti Wizard – Western] Retail Edition

November 26, 2014

Playge is following up the previously released wintery Terror Boys Gohstbat [Yeti Wizard-Northern] edition with the retail edition Goshtbat Western edition. The new triple-eyed mystic from Brandt Peters x FERG features a brown + red design with gray fur suit, 2 sets of lenses, 2.1 + classic arms, claw hands, jeweled sword-cane and of course, [...]

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R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

November 25, 2014

Everyone’s favorite astromech! Direct from Industrial Automaton comes this scaled down version of the astromech droid made famous by the documentaries collectively known on Earth as “Star Wars.” This little R2 unit is ready to obey your commands – voice commands, that is! Just like the larger version of R2 you know from the flickers, [...]

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