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1/6 DESTINY Titan from ThreeA Toys

July 31, 2015

ThreeA Toys just unleashed the DESTINY Titan figure in 1/6 on with this being the “Bambaland Exclusive Edition”. NOTE: “Retail Edition will be available for Pre-Order on July 31st and does NOT include the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon Exclusive Weapon.” Priced at US$190 each, the articulated action figure stands approx. 12.6-Inches (32cm) tall and features [...]

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Skull Pop Custom MADL from MAD Toy Design

July 30, 2015

“I’m planning to do more of these in this style. Was fun taking doodles from my book and wrapping them on the #‎MADL figure. This ones up for grabs in the store if anyone wants it.” – MAD Toy Design

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Cacooca Hand Stage Vinyl

July 29, 2015

Currently available for purchase HERE is the HAND STAGE VINYL from CACOOCA – featuring the panda seatin’chilling and holding something intriguing in his paws … wait? Is that a bone? But whose / what does it belong to…???? Priced at US$57, the vinyl figure stands 4.5inch / 11.5cm tall, with the first batch in a [...]

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He-Man x Adventure Time Mash-up by Robotic Industries

July 28, 2015

Robotic Industries is a one man toy making machine who is always creating something (usually a mess)… and that man is James Freckingham. Now, I do not know if James is either a “He-Man”-fan, or an “Adventure Time”-fan, but he has customized a smashing mash-up of the two concepts (utilizing vintage 80′s figures) and the [...]

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10″ Frank Kozik Labbit Custom from JonPaul Kaiser

July 27, 2015

“The piece is called “All in Your Hands” and is for a private client based in China (my first in mainland China I believe) who requested a ‘hands’ theme, with the rest left up to me. It’s slightly unusual for me as it has no characters or landscape in, there’s also some secret painting in [...]

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Shadow Keikotrooper (BAIT exclusive) from Fools Paradise

July 24, 2015

Fools Paradise has currently opened pre-orders for their SHADOW KEIKOTROOPER (BAIT Exclusive) online HERE, with the 30cm tall hand-painted and handcrafted resin figure priced at US$219 (+US$20 Global EMS Shipping), with an August ship date. Limited to only 50pcs (on Fools Paradise … and I reckon there mint be a certain quantity via BAIT too) [...]

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HUF x Haroshi – Middle Finger Sofubi

July 23, 2015

As part of the re-opening of it’s flagship Fairfax store, HUF has collaborated with Japanese artist Haroshi—known for his crazy, layered sculptures created from reclaimed skate decks—on the Middle Finger vinyl figure. A smaller version of the large sculpture that greets guests to the store, the unpainted debut edition is cast in slime green vinyl [...]

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Custom Dunny Knights by Fiona Ng

July 17, 2015

“Back in 2013 I had made a bunch of one-off Dunny Knights, and decided to revisit them again this year by making a mini series of each design with a few different colorways. For this first design, there will be four colors: Summer Knight, Autumn Knight, Winter Knight, and Spring Knight.” – Fiona Ng More [...]

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Scott Tolleson x Huck Gee – The Crimson Skull

July 11, 2015

Huck Gee just released The Crimson Skull (edition of 3, $450 ea), Scott Tolleson’s take on the Skullhead resin sculpture, via As is Scott’s signature, the Crimson Skull is one snappy dresser with everything just so from the green uniform to the black tie and gray, studded accents.

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“Lady Kroenen” Bella Delamere Custom by JonPaul Kaiser

July 9, 2015

“This is a Bella Delamere figure, designed by Dok A and produced by the now defunct Arts Unknown. This was a private commission and my client asked for a Kroenen-inspired piece (from Hellboy) so this is “Lady Kroenen”. The roses were all individually drawn and painted and took way longer than I thought they would [...]

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Custom Dunny ‘Cloud 7 and Cloud 9′ by SE7EN

July 8, 2015

It is always refreshing to see artists take the Kidrobot Dunny and redesign and break new grounds with the mold. It basically elevates it to the next level of creativity and just what the platform and artist is capable of. On that note, how about these astonishing custom Dunnys by SE7EN. The masterful work of [...]

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Broke1 x AWOL ONE “Bad Mood” DKE Toys Exclusives for #SDCC2015

July 7, 2015

Yes! This is a hand cast figure. A collab with Broke1 aka Broken Pidgeon and AWOL One who also did the card back illustration. MOOD is DOOM backwards GET IT? 3.75 inches tall. Hand made resin in custom packaging. Cyeahh!!

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