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XXRAY SML LIFE by Sticky Monster Lab x Mighty Jaxx

May 23, 2016

Recently exhibited at both Thailand Toy Expo 2016 and Art Toy Culture 2016, time now for the ONLINE DROP! Pre-orders for XXRAY SML LIFE are opened now via Priced at USD$20 each – available characters will be the Yellowmon (Yellow), Bigmon (Purple), and Redmon (Red).

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Fools Paradise – Darkside K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3

May 20, 2016

Fools Paradise is now taking pre-orders for the third release in its ongoing Star Wars-themed Coin Rides Game series. So far we’ve seen a Sand Trooper (Sand K.Troop #1) atop a Dewback and Boba Fett (Boba K.Slave #2) taking flight on Slave I. This time around with Darkside K.X1, Darth Keiko has got herself a [...]

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Lady.D by LOFI Collective

May 19, 2016

From LOFI Collective comes the 3rd Karma Series, featuring the gorgeously 9-inch tall resin “Lady.D” sculpt. Clad in luscious black with silver horns, “Lady.D” is currently available at FIFTY FIFTY STORE in Korea, both online and in-store, priced at 250,000 WON each (US$213). Continuing from her earlier crowned and tattooed half-torso sculpts “Dear.Odd” (in Sold [...]

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PolyWood Polygonal Wood Toys

May 18, 2016

Freelance illustrator and 3D artist Mat Szulik has created a new conceptual series of toys that seamlessly blur the line between his low poly style and the wooden toys that were so common long ago. Done as a personal project in his free time, the PolyWood collection includes a giraffe, wolf, bear, deer, mammoth, snail [...]

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Medicom x Neighborhood 2012 Exhibition Be@rbrick Black 1000%

May 15, 2016

For 2016 Neighborhood and Medicom release a 1000% edition of their signature Be@rbrick. Originally designed back in 2012, the limited edition bear comes crafted with a matte black finish, transparent ears and head panel and Neighborhood’s branding printed to the stomach and head. Available now HERE.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 1:1 Bionic Arm

May 14, 2016

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the 1:1 scale bionic arm from Metal Gear Solid V to channel your inner Venom Snake, you’re in luck. Previously available exclusively through a special Japan-only Metal Gear Solid V bundle, the out-of-control Phantom Pain 1:1 Bionic Arm (420 mm or ~20 inches log) from Sentinel [...]

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BAIT x GI Joe x 1000 Toys – 1/6 Snake Eyes

May 13, 2016

BAIT has joined forces with the 1/6 specialists 1000Toys on a new officially-licensed Snake Eyes figure. Shown at this past weekend’s Thailand Toy Expo, the new figure features a synthetic take on the deadly assassin courtesy of the TOA Heavy Industries imprint. From the official description, it sounds like Storm Shadow might be lurking in [...]

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“RONIN BLANK” Custom by JonPaul Kaiser

May 10, 2016

JonPaul Kaiser shares with us his latest custom hand-painted custom BLANK (originally created by Huck Gee), with the “RONIN BLANK” “showing the former samurai holding fast to his life as a loyal servant, complete with his steel katana.” This is a private commission piece and was photographed by Justin Allfree.

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Bandai x ThreeZero Full Metal Ghost – Shadow Blade

May 9, 2016

We want to pretend to be Gundam experts, but unfortunately the myriad Gundam series spans over two decades and has us spinning in confusion during the day while we dream of giant battling robots at night. What we do know is that Gundam is cool and tells the classic tale of giant robotic suits powered [...]

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Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – MC Joker Grin

May 5, 2016

Who’s Bartman Grin’s nemesis? Why MC Joker Grin of course. Yep, JPS Gallery returns to the costumed hero side of Springfield with this special edition of Ron English’s MC Supersized Grin from Made by Monsters. Limited to 400 pieces, Joker Grin features three secret editions—5%, 10%, and 20%—along with the normal edition (65%) shown above. [...]

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Medicom Daft Punk White Suit Be@rbrick – 2 Pack White 400%

May 2, 2016

Created to celebrate the release of Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ album Medicom Toy have created these limited edition Be@rbrick versions of the famous duo. Both members – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter – are decked out in all white with metallic gold detailing to their heads. Available now HERE.

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Meisho Star Wars Movie Realization Figure – Teppo Ashigaru Sandtrooper

April 29, 2016

Sandtrooper x Samurai One look at these Meisho Star Wars Movie Realization Figures makes us dream of a Star Wars/samurai crossover film. This isn’t as much of a stretch as you might think: the Star Wars films already drew heavily from Japanese samurai cinema. George Lucas has long acknowledged that he was influenced by Akira [...]

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