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BAIT x Medicom Transformers SDCC 17 Exclusive

July 12, 2017

BAIT is headed to San Diego once again, loaded with an arsenal of shiny exclusives for Comic-Con. 2017’s drops are all about Pop Culture from Saturday morning cartoons to 80’s video games to Small Gifts. To kick things off, here is a look at the super shiny BAIT x Medicom 100% and 400% Megatron Be@rbrick [...]

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Medicom Alien Warrior Be@rbrick Black 1000%

July 11, 2017

Created to celebrate the Alien sci-fi horror film franchise, this posable plastic ‘Warrior Alien’ features a skeletal design printed onto a glossy black Medicom Be@rbrick figure. Available now HERE.

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Medicom BE@RBRICK Yasuto Sasada 100% + 400%

July 9, 2017

Medicom releases this limited edition figure in collaboration with highly regarded artist Yasuto Sasada. The two piece 100% and 400% BE@RBRICK’s feature his iconic imagery and is finished with the artist’s reproduced signature at the rear. These highly sought after figures are a must have for any BE@RBRICK collector. Available now HERE.

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Huck Gee—Arthur & The Problem Solver

July 6, 2017

With each new limited-edition release, Huck Gee expands and deepens the unfolding Dapper Scoundrels backstory. Back in March we were introduced to Darby the Fixer, a resourceful and destructive badger. Next? A heaping dose of brawn in the form of Arthur, the bulldog. If pure muscle isn’t enough, there’s always the ‘Problem Solver’, a massive [...]

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Kidrobot – Andy Warhol 8” Masterpiece TV Dunny

July 5, 2017

Kidrobot keeps its popular Andy Warhol collaboration rolling with a pair of new releases dropping today. First up is the 8” Masterpiece TV Dunny which features an iconic TV test pattern on the front of the black Dunny and his prescient “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes” on the rear. [...]

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POPek by Whatshisname (Black Edition)

June 28, 2017

POPek The Squatting Balloon Dog by London-based artist, Whatshisname, demonstrates his integration of contemporary art with everyday subjects. By regenerating popular and overused ideas, he gives life to typical pop art pieces and avoids conforming to common approaches on subjects. The original bright red edition of POPek was a sell-out and we expect nothing less [...]

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Ron English x ToyQube – Glow-In-The-Dark Popeye Grin

June 26, 2017

Ron English’s Popeye Grin figure is now available in a stunning Glow-In-The-Dark edition! ToyQube has just put out a limited run of 180 pieces of these spinach eating bad boys on their webstore. The Popeye Grin stands 10″ tall and TQ mentions that they’ve used a different technique to produce these and that each one [...]

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J*RYU x Kidrobot – 8” Clairvoyant Antique Silver Dunny

June 18, 2017

Oooh… The future looks bright with the new antique silver edition of the 8” Clairvoyant Dunny from J*RYU. The third edition of the stunning piece is available now via This colorway was selected by fans through an online FB poll earlier this year—nice choice! As with the others, this one features a matching 3” [...]

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Kidrobot x Clutter – DTA Dunny Series

June 17, 2017

Following the early preview drop at Five Points Festival, the Designer Toy Award Dunny series from Kidrobot x Clutter is now available in general release. The series features multiple Dunnys from Andrea Kang, So Youn Lee, Gary Ham, QUICCS, and The Bots who each created customs for one of the two DTA Dunny exhibitions. The [...]

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KAWS Companion Blush + Flayed Open Editions at KAWSONE

June 7, 2017

As you may very well be aware, KAWS released two new Companion Blush Open Edition figures in April to coincide with the opening of his Where the End Starts exhibition in Shanghai at the Yuz Museum. The limited availability set of a frantic hunt and drove the second market prices upwards. Thankfully there’s some temporary [...]

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ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx – Bitchy Rich

June 6, 2017

The Donald as President Trump is proving to be a rich source of inspiration for comedians, artists, and other creative folks driven to comment on today’s politics. Street artist ABCNT’s murals of Bitchy Rich portray 45 as Richie Rich clutching stacks of cash. The biting caricature is now making the leap from the wall to [...]

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Fools Paradise – “I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee”

June 3, 2017

Next up from Fools Paradise is the humorous I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee vinyl set featuring Lowfool as a reluctant Iron Man relaxing alongside Stan Lee. If you check the WIP and proto shots below, you’ll see that Iron Man is actually helping his creator prep a turkey Repulsor-style. This is the second in [...]

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