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This Version of Monopoly Rewards Cheating

February 5, 2018

With games lasting eons and families torn apart in the process, it makes sense that some choose to cheat at Monopoly. Well, grab your Top Hat, Race Car, or Battleship and get scheming; Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a new version of the classic game that encourages cheating. Cards give challenges like Steal from the Bank, [...]

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KAWS – SEEING/WATCHING Permanent Sculpture in IFS Changsha

February 3, 2018

New image from KAWS for his new “permanent sculpture” in IFS Changsha – named “KAWS:SEEING/WATCHING” – made in conjunction with Hong Kong-based AllRightsReserved (ARR) creative studio. Featured here is “KAWS’ BFF” sitting down, while his “Companion” does the same while facing the opposite side. The giant sculpture is sized 8 meters tall, and is located [...]

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“Triple Dead” noop jaws custom by QUICCS

January 29, 2018

We have seen many noop jaws customs in the past, and recently Philippines-based QUICCS appeared with this excellent commissioned custom dubbed “TRIPLE DEAD”. Here are some snaps of the 13-inch tall piece to gawk at. More details also available HERE.

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Tracy Tubera – Wade: Maximum Effort

January 25, 2018

First seen in unpainted form at DesignerCon, Tracy Tubera has revealed his new Wade: Maxium Effort resin sculpture in glorious living black and red color. The fun deadpool vs. bball piece features Wade giving, yep, you guessed it, ‘maximum effort’ as he goes for the jam–chimichanga in the left and gat in the right. Wade [...]

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“Ichi The Killer” KAKIHARA in 1/6 (Battle Damaged Red Version) from Cheung Kinmen

January 20, 2018

Costa Rica-based Cheung Kinmen has revealed an image of his adaptation of a bloodied “KAKIHARA” – based on the ultra-violent “Ichi The Killer” manga by Hideo Yamamoto – with this 1/6th scaled hand-crafted “Battle Damaged Red Version” available “soon”, limited to only 5 pieces. Beyond the facial “blood”, his shirt will have “blood stains” too. [...]

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XXRAY+ Foo Dogs Terracotta by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

January 19, 2018

“This week, we are excited to unveil our latest pair of dissected Foo Dogs, just in time for the upcoming Lunar New Year! These imperial guardian lions are traditionally viewed as mystical gatekeepers of power, unity and protection; warding off all evils. For 2018, they come coated in a beautiful shade of terracotta with gold [...]

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Coarse – States of Matter

January 16, 2018

Coarse… What does the brand mean to you? To us, it’s about consistent excellence. Over the past seven years or so, Coarse has released a collection of art toys that is, at the very least, the equal of any other maker. That said, continued success poses it’s own dilemma. What’s next? Not in terms of [...]

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Mai Zi Art – JOURnEY: Cody and Judy Gypsum Leg Pack

January 15, 2018

Mai Zi Art has announced a new release in their ongoing JOURnEY series. A nod to the perils of life on the road, the Cody and Judy Gypsum Leg Pack features Cody and Judy Broken Leg edition vinyl figures with casts on their legs as well as a large ‘Born to Be Wild’ Leg Cast [...]

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Medicom x Fragment Design Freemasonary Be@rbrick 1000%

January 12, 2018

Japanese label Medicom reveals a new set of figures designed by Fragment Design this season. Here Freemason symbols dubbed the “Compass and Square” and “All-Seeing Eye” appear on this monochrome 1000% Be@rbrick. Available now in Back or White HERE.

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KAWS – “SMALL LIE” Figures

December 22, 2017

After dropping hints on Instagram for the last few weeks, KAWS has finally dropped his SMALL LIE figures. This new sculptural limited edition features his popular companion figure (a remix of Mickey Mouse with a skull and crossbones head), with the addition of a Pinocchio nose. The figure is produced in the usual Black, Grey, [...]

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J*Ryu x Kidrobot – 20” Clairvoyant Dunny

December 12, 2017

There’s big Arcane Divination news. Kidrobot recently released the 20” Clairvoyant Dunny by J*Ryu. Available in both a standard Antique Black edition (200 pcs) and a KR-exclusive Pearlescent White, the new release lets the detail from the previous 8” size shine in the larger format—each curve and nuance all the more impressive. As you might [...]

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Medicom x Peanuts UDF Series 6: Astronaut Snoopy

December 9, 2017

Here, Japanese toy makers Medicom salute everyone’s favourite Beagle and his friends with this Peanuts Ultra Detail Figure. This piece sees Snoopy take us to outer space, equipped with his astronauts suit and ‘flight safety’ pack. Available now HERE.

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