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Flying Fortress x Artoyz – Teddy Troops 2.0

May 21, 2017

We’ve been waiting long enough! Artoyz is happy to finally release Flying Fortress’ Teddy Troops 2.0. With the release through Artoyz, there will be two versions available in three different packages. The Regular edition (Pack A) will be limited to only 320 pieces for $105, while the Variant edition (Pack B) will be limited to [...]

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Vomit Kid by OKEH

May 19, 2017

“Vomit Kid started from an idea that my artworks are a mere discharge of the filth contained in my head. Some may find them beautiful while others don’t but the world itself is already filled with dirt on the hands of many individuals. I have to keep discharging and working on my art even if [...]

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Ron English – “Crunch Berries” Edition Cap’n Corn Starch

May 18, 2017

Ron English is bringing to you a brand new flavor for his Cap’n Corn Starch figure. The brand new “Crunch Berries” edition will soon be available at your favorite designer toy retailer. This edition features pink tinted skin and a purple shoe and will retail $60. Complete your Cereal Killers collection with this sweet piece.

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Wilkowksi x Luke Chueh – Infected Decapitated Bear Head (Blood Red Edition)

May 11, 2017

Known for his Infected and X-Ray versions of popular designer toys, Wilkowski has infected Chueh’s signature bear head, once again creating a collaboration that is to die for. Limited to 150 pieces in this colorway, these are available for $125 apiece HERE.

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Fools Paradise – ‘The Last Hire’

May 10, 2017

Who’s the next to face the coin ride reckoning? That’d be Bane or is that Mr. Bane ? At any rate, Lowfool (err Bane) finds himself with a melting ice cream cone and the prospect of taking a spin on a mini camo tumbler, if he can scrounge up a precious coin or two… Love [...]

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Okedoki – Lover Boy

May 3, 2017

With oversized glasses, a rather large noggin and a form-fitting suit, Okedoki’s new 11” figure turns on the charm. The cartoony sculpt definitely takes us back to the adorable, can’t be stopped Urkel and the simple fun of 90’s sitcom TV. Sculpted and painted by Okedoki, this release continues her focus on charming, uplifting pieces [...]

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Sket-One – 5” Custom Metro MAD*L

May 2, 2017

Sket-One just put up a limited edition run of his custom Metro MAD*L figures! He had mentioned that this design was supposed to be a part of the mini-series, which unfortunately never came to be. So he thought to just put them out himself. This release is limited to 30 pieces and depicts New York’s [...]

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Super7 – Street Fighter 2

April 29, 2017

Super7 recently attended C2E2 in Chicago for the first time and they brought with them a bunch of awesome goods. Introducing the Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition colorways. These ReAction Figures includes the alternative costumes/colorways of Ryu, M. Bison, Chun-Li, Zangief, Ken and Blanka. Each figure retails $15 a piece and are available now HERE.

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Fakir – Hanamichi Sakuragi 1000% Custom Be@rbrick

April 26, 2017

French artist Fakir consistently impresses with his wide range of customs, from his personal snarling beast aesthetic to various commissions such as this 1000% Hanamichi Sakuragi Be@rbrick done for a private collector. If you’re a fan of the Slam Dunk manga or anime, you’ll recognize Hanamichi as the star of the hoops-driven saga. As always, [...]

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Huck Gee – Darby the Fixer

April 8, 2017

From the unrelenting mind and infallible hands of Huck Gee comes the latest limited-edition Dapper Scoundrels release. A capable infantryman turned DAME pilot turned gun and motor bike runner, Derby the Fixer is quite the stylish smuggler. A badgerish sort of chap, Darby is dressed to the nines in his tweed suit, leather shoes and [...]

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Huck Gee x Clutter – ‘SKLFKR’

April 5, 2017

As a perk for winning the Artist of the Year DTA in 2015, Huck Gee received a sponsorship to work with the 3D wizards at Cubo The result is 20 inches of walking death also known as SKLFKR–render shown above does not represent final colors–a collaboration with Clutter. Part menacing, part kawaii, part giant robot [...]

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Adventure Time x Mighty Jaxx – XXRAY Finn, Jake and BMO

March 23, 2017

Mighty Jaxx has finally been revealed and given a release date of their latest XXRAY figure, Finn the Human from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. They also showed off two surprise characters, which we had hoped would come to fruition and totally have. Joining Jason Freeny’s line of dissected characters is Finn’s number 2, Jake the [...]

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