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JP Toys x Fools Paradise – The Last Why

November 2, 2016

Next up from Fools Paradise is the JP Toys exclusive The Last Why—fresh from the funhouse. Cleverly named, this is a Joker-themed Green+ Purple GID version of the recent ‘The Last Ride’ featuring Low Fool as the Caped Crusader. Limited to 200 pieces, the latest in the Coin Rides Game series are available now from [...]

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hugh gee chrome skull

Huck Gee – The Chrome Skullhead Blank

October 29, 2016

Looking to add a little sheen and shine to your toy collection, well look no further! Huck Gee just dropped some news on the release of his Skullhead Blank in chrome! Each piece is individually chromed before assembly. This 7” Skullhead release is limited to 50 pieces and must sell through in order for this [...]

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Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx – War Mouse

October 28, 2016

He’s not Mickey and definitely not from the happiest place on earth. Quite the opposite, War Mouse from Clogtwo and Mighty Jaxx is one bad, bad mouse. While he prefers stealth to head on aggression, his menacing, devil may care pose with two precariously held grenades betrays his willingness to go out in a blaze [...]

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COARSE Toys – Glitch

October 19, 2016

COARSE Toys is now expanding their sculptural talents onto a wooden medium. They are proud to introduce Glitch, from their latest wooden series. This pair finds the defiant paw! with his new false friend, arrow, perched atop his head. paw! is enraged in walnut and white oak, and arrow sits innocently in white gloss resin [...]

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Split Silver Spongebob DX from Secret Base

October 15, 2016

Are ya ready kids?! Secret Base’s half X-Ray Spongebob is getting a monochromatic makeover with a bright silver epidermis and a dark silver skeleton underneath the transparent half. Spongebob’s square pants, socks, and shoes are also configured in greyscale for a fully mono, vintage cartoon inspired take on Nickelodeon’s last great creation. And you won’t [...]

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Luke Chueh x Scott Wilkowski – Infected Decapitated Bear Head

October 14, 2016

Premiering at Clutter Magazine’s NYCC Booth #603 is Scott Wilkowski & Luke Chueh’s Infected Decapitated Bear Head. Luke’s signature bear head has been infected by Scott Wilkowski, creating a collaboration that is to die for. This bone and black colorway comes swimming in a pool of red blood. For just $100 a piece, this Clutter [...]

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BAIT x GI JOE x 1000 Toys – Storm Shadow 1/6 at NYCC

October 7, 2016

BAIT and 1000Toys will debut and release a very limited stock of the new BAIT exclusive Storm Shadow 1/6 figure. This officially-licensed reimagining of the popular GI Joe ninja recasts the character as a cybernetic assassin. A strong follow-up to the previously released Snake Eyes figure, Storm Dhadow has a distinctive appearance with minimalist Ninja [...]

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Fools Paradise – The Last Ride

October 1, 2016

The Last Ride flips the script a bit on Fools Paradise’s Coin Rides Game series. Recently seen in several FP releases, Lowfool (aka Batman) is front and center once again, albeit in a puzzling and befuddling moment. Rather than hopping on an child’s amusement ride version of his signature vehicle as seen throughout this series, [...]

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Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Hooverville Labbits (10”)

September 26, 2016

Kidrobot has just released the new 10” Hooverville Labbits from Frank Kozik. Evoking the hardscrabble struggle of depression-era America, Hooverville features a scruffy down-on-his-luck sort, smorkin’ a cig as he walks the streets in his beat up overalls. The new Labbit is available in both a vintage black retail edition (500 pcs) as well as [...]

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OG Slick x Silent Stage Gallery – Mutha Chucka Murdered Out

September 24, 2016

Silent Stage Gallery just debuted OG Slick’s Mutha Chucka Murdered Out edition (30 pcs, 16” solid high impact resin). It’s available now from their webshop for $1199 each (+ s/h). Comes with a bandana pulled over his face and molotov spray can in-hand, Slick’s take on Astro Boy is done playing. The statue comes in [...]

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Cote Escriva x Pobber – Twisted Bart

September 22, 2016

Known for his pop culture interpretations, Spanish artist Cote Escriva collaborated with Pobber on the impressive Twisted Bart resin. With a definite undead vibe (skeletal zombie anyone?), the 9” figure sold through the stock reserved for last weekend’s STGCC. Have no fear though, Twisted Bart will be available online directly from Pobber for a presumed [...]

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Craig Drake Reimagined Movie Posters

September 17, 2016

From The Fifth Element and Alien, to Mad Max: Fury Road and A Clockwork Orange, each one of these Craig Drake reimagined movie posters is as gorgeous as it is completely different from what you’ve seen before. Each of the prints, along with illuminated versions and originals were present last weekend for the unveiling of [...]

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