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The Oriental Shrimps print by FLABSLAB

November 5, 2014

This print needs no explanation. If you’re a HR Giger or Aliens fan, you know whats up. This print is down right DOPE! Edition of 100 Size: 29.5in x 15.75in (75cm x 40cm) Printed on 310gsm textured fine art paper Available now HERE.

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Medicom BE@RBRICK x Karimoku Indigo Paint 400%

October 23, 2014

The on going collaborative effort between Medicom and Karimoku returns in the latest BE@RBRICK inspired by vintage denim and constructed from Tohoku Chestnut wood. Known for their wood working in furniture, Karimoku applies the same level of craftsmanship in each handmade 400% BE@RBRICK. Utilizing ancient techniques the BE@RBRICK is hand painted with indigo dye to [...]

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Coolrain 1/6 Felix Baumgartner Astronaut Figure for Zenith

October 21, 2014

Coolrain celebrated the opening of Zenith‘s new boutique store in Singapore by honoring one of the brand’s ambassadors, Felix Baumgartner, with a figure modeled after the Austrian daredevil. The Korean artist’s latest creation features Baumgartner saluting in the astronaut suit he wore for the Red Bull Stratos space diving project, hence the energy drink’s pervasive [...]

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Ralph Steadman’s Breaking Bad Illustrations

October 18, 2014

You’re probably familiar with Ralph Steadman’s work from his time spent with Hunter S. Thompson. Now, Steadman is working with something else loaded with drugs. These Breaking Bad illustrations will appear on the covers of some limited edition Blu-Rays which will be released next year, but you can get an early look at all their [...]

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Joe Ledbetter – Fire-Catzilla

September 30, 2014

Rrrrraaarrrr… Or is that ギャオォー ? Joe Ledbetter is about to unleash Fire-Catzilla, the 2nd edition of his independently produced new Firecat art toy. The new edition transforms the beast from a 2009 painting into a fierce vinyl figure complete with redesigned flame featuring a sound Japanese children use to imitate Godzilla and newly sculpted [...]

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Slick x Silent Stage Gallery – ‘Uzi Does It’

September 29, 2014

Slick unveiled his new ‘Uzi Does It’ Mickey sculpture with the opening of Beast Astray, a group show inspired by Joe Hahn’s ‘Mall’ film, at Known Gallery. Uzi Does it is the centerpiece of Slick’s fun coin-op / gashapon installation for the show. The gleaming Blackout edition stands 16.5” tall is comprised of 13 individual [...]

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JonPaul Kaiser – Moby Dick Themed Custom 3” Dunny

September 26, 2014

JonPaul Kaiser shares with us another one of his amazing commission customs! Here we have a Moby Dick themed piece on Sket-One’s 3” Sketchup Dunny. JPK was able to capture the Pequod as a ship-in-a-bottle, as the great white whale descends into the deep ocean. It’s hard to believe he fit all of this onto [...]

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The Simpsons Family History Charts 25 Years of Life in Springfield

September 25, 2014

Behind all the Duff beer chugging, couch gags, and okely dokelies is a family we’ve spent the last quarter century with. If you think you know everything about Homer, Bart, and the rest of the Simpsons, think again. From Matt Groening himself comes this graphic story that charts the history of the colorful Springfield residents. [...]

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‘THE UPRISING’ – An original abomination by SKL0 X FLABSLAB

September 25, 2014

‘The Uprising’ is a collaborative project produced by FLABSLAB and sculpted by SKL0. ‘The Uprising’ is a continuation of ‘Rebel!‘ and inspired by the power of the people over authority. This version sees Chief Chirpa leading the next wave, wearing the Stormtrooper helmet as a trophy. Produced in resin Edition size of 15 Stands at [...]

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“The Kawzik Night Gamer” Custom 14″ by Plaseebo

September 23, 2014

“The Kawzik Night Gamer” by Plaseebo is a one-of-a-kind mash-up vinyl custom of a re-sculpted Plaseebo Night Gamer head and a Kozik altered Kaws Companion body. Standing 14 inches tall with blue glass inset eyes, this piece is currently available for US$$2,200 HERE.

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TMNT Prints by Clogtwo

September 21, 2014

Popular urban artist Clogtwo have redesigned your favourite turtles in his trademark style. Available in single prints as well as a set of 5 (4 turtles + Splinter). *Shredder print comes FREE with all set purchases. *FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Limited Edition of 50 Signed and Numbered 16.5 X 23.4 Inches Archival Pigment Print 300gsm Cotton [...]

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Lepus Pellis Os Omentum by NYCHOS and Mighty Jaxx

September 20, 2014

World renowned artist NYCHOS and Mighty Jaxx proudly presents his first ever designer art figure. Based off his iconic painting “Lepus Pellis Os Omentum”, a cutaway dissection of Nychos’ most infamous target, The White Rabbit. The original prints were sold out immediately. 10″ x 5″ x 8″ Edition of 200 Black flock exterior + high [...]

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