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A Look at ‘Cold Ways: Nights that Haunt the Past’ by Coarse at Rotofugi

August 17, 2016

Coarse (Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk) opened Cold Ways: Nights that Haunt the Past at Rotofugi on Saturday evening (8.14). For their annual exhibition in Chicago, Coarse presented a new collection of fine art multiple sculptures exploring the passage of time and the pull of the past. Thanks to the great photos of the opening [...]

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Dabs Myla x Munky King – Trouble Trouble Black

August 16, 2016

If you missed the Trouble Trouble Black (+Gold) Edition at SDCC, you’ll be happy to know that the fine folks at Munky King have you covered. The newest edition of Dabs Myla’s explosive tongue-in-cheek vinyl duo (100 pcs, 7.5”) will be available now over at for $70 (+ s/h). As far as we know, [...]

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SDCC ’16: South Park 20th Anniversary Art Show

August 11, 2016

During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, adult animated sitcom South Park hosted a 20th anniversary art show as part of their South Park 20 experience. Curated by Ron English, many of the participants are of course known to readers of AM including Buff Monster, Anthony Ausgang, Sas Christian, RISK, Kenny Scharf, Faile, and more. Take [...]

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Secret Base – Blue Glitter Spongebob DX at Toy Art Gallery

August 11, 2016

Secret Base continues its line of Spongebob sofubi with a dazzling new edition. The Blue Glitter Spongebox DX features a blue glitter-covered skeleton embedded in a clear vinyl skin. Beautiful. And for an extra bit of razzle dazzle, the figure comes with a matching keychain. Available now at Toy Art Gallery for $90 (+s/h).

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Kidrobot – Dairobo-Z 5” Dunnys by Dolly Oblong

August 9, 2016

Kidrobot has just released the fun new Dairobo-Z 5” Dunnys from Dolly Oblong. Based on the design of their DTA Dunny 2015 show custom, Dairobo-Z is energized by a love of Japanese giant robots. As a fun nod to a mostly bygone era of toys, the Dunny features a rocket-fist frozen mid-launch. Emblazoned in silver, [...]

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Fools Paradise ‘Lowfool vs Lowfool : Inner Conflict’

August 8, 2016

From Fools Paradise comes “Lowfool vs Lowfool : Inner Conflict” = a Vinyl+PVC make of an awesome dioramic set, featuring an arcade playing, moustache wearing caped Kryptonian! Priced at US$255 (+30US Global EMS Shipping), and limited to 398 pieces worldwide – pre-orders for this 27cm tall Lowfool is available now at Fools Online. Ships 4th [...]

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K.OLin tribu x Medicom Bearbrick Porcelain 400%

August 6, 2016

K.Olin tribu announces their collaboration with the Japanese company Medicom Toy, presenting “Bearbrick Porcelain 400%” – with a pre-sale happening August 4, 2016 at 6PM French Time (12PM NY,09AM LA) online via, with this 280mm tall – made entirely of porcelain in Limoges, France – sculpture priced at 445,83 € TTC a piece (for [...]

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Zevs – “The Big Oil Splash” @ Lazarides Rathbone

July 28, 2016

Today (July 28th), Lazarides Rathbone will be presenting new works from Zevs in a solo show entitled The Big Oil Splash. Included from the French artist, otherwise known as Aguirre Schwarz, will be a series of paintings, monochromes and sculpture featuring his iconic drips and thematically referencing oil spills. He further states – “Ecology is [...]

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Cinta Vidal – “Gravities” @ Thinkspace

July 27, 2016

Last Saturday night in Thinkspace’s project room, Cinta Vidal unveiled a new series of paintings featuring her signature gravity-defying imagery. When you look architectural structures that the Spanish artist paints, you will quickly see the inhabitants defy the laws of physics. The work for this exhibition are mainly her clusters of domestic and natural environments, [...]

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David Flores x Blackbook Toy x Hellfire Canyon Club – DeathsHead Kiss My Ass Stay Gold at SDCC

July 26, 2016

Blackbook Toy just launched the DeathsHead Kiss My Ass Stay Gold edition by David Flores and the Hellfire Canyon Club at SDCC via Disburt [#5045] for $190 (+ tax). This first fully painted KMA figure features a sweet mix of gold, black and matte black for a stunning look. 25 pieces will be available at [...]

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Three Felix the Cat Figures at BAIT for SDCC

July 25, 2016

BAIT tripled down on Felix the Cat at SDCC this year. First up, the cartoon cat gets a 400% Be@rbrick treatment. The figure is limited to only 500 pieces and runs $100. Joining the Be@rbrick are two urban vinyl takes on Felix. There are a collab between BAIT, Dreamworks, and Switch Collectibles. One depicts Felix [...]

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jeff soto

Jeff Soto – “The Sotofish Society” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

July 22, 2016

On September 10th, Jeff Soto will be returning to Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York for another solo show. Entitled The Sotofish Society, the exhibition will see the Southern California-based artist re-exploring some of the past elements of his work including yetis, reapers, robots, landscapes, antlers, geometric shapes, and of course the iconic Sotofish! We’ll [...]

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