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A Bathing Ape x Medicom Toy VCD C-3PO™/R2-D2™

November 17, 2016

Launching Wednesday November 23rd are VCD (*Vinyl Collectible Doll) C-3PO™/R2-D2™ from BAPE x Medicom Toy! Both (190mm tall) collectibles have a SRP of 10,260 yen (tax included / approx. US$96 / SG$135), and will be sold at MEDICOM TOY direct stores, MEDICOM TOY online stores and selected stores and online stores which carry A BATHING [...]

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Playge – Squadt GASSED S006 (PEACE FUCKER)

November 16, 2016

Rotofugi just released the latest Squadt Figure from Playge! The all new Squadt Gassed S006 [PEACER FUCKER] edition is nothing short of dope as usual. We all need a little peace now a days, don’t we? The Squadt stands 6” tall and includes removable Germ helmet, Peace Fucker shirt, tactical vest w/ pouches, sUMP, machete, [...]

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Barbara Kruger x New York Magazine Cover

November 15, 2016

For their election issue, New York Magazine turned to someone who they had worked with in the past, Barbara Kruger, to design the cover. Utilizing a variation of what is arguably her most iconic text-based work, the influential artist pasted a large red bar with the word “LOSER” across the face of Donald Trump. If [...]

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MOMO @ Studiocromie

November 14, 2016

Following a mural painting trip through Italy, MOMO concluded things with a solo exhibition at Studiocromie in Grottaglie. The new body of work on includes paintings on canvas, paper pieces, prints, and ceramics all demonstrating the American artist’s unique use of patterns, shapes, and colors, both seemingly random and purposeful at the same time. The [...]

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Revok – “SYSTEMS” @ Library Street Collective (Los Angeles)

November 12, 2016

Only showing through the end of the week is SYSTEMS from Revok at Library Street Collective’s new permanent location in Los Angeles. The collection of 17 new works see the infamous graffiti writer move in a more abstract direction while still maintaining an intriguing conceptual connection with his time on the streets. The exhibition marks [...]

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Murakami x ComplexCon x BAIT x Switch OMFG ‘Mr. Dob’ Figure

November 11, 2016

God damn, that’s some beautiful vinyl. ComplexCon took place last weekend, and tons of Murakami merch dropped, from Beats Pills, to t-shirts, to this amazine figure. Out of nowhere, BAIT opened pre-orders for the 10 inch designer toy, which is a collaboration between BAIT, ComplexCon, Switch Collectibles, and of course, Takashi Murakami. Only 500 of [...]

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Huck Gee – Le Mystique

November 9, 2016

The insurgent Lapin Noir employs multiple approaches and modalities including harnessing the supernatural in their struggle with the Untz. Le Mystique eschews conventional weaponry for spells, potions, and the unexplainable. With his staff in one hand, book of secrets in the other, and potions at the ready, the enigmatic one stands ready. Huck has dialed [...]

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mr clement – Petit lapin Pronunciation ( )

November 8, 2016

mr clement is happy to share his latest creation. Introducing Petit lapin Pronunciation ( ). Adding to the Petit lapin family, this release is limited to only 60 pieces and features almost every material known to designer toys. That includes vinyl, wood, PVC and paper. Pronunciation ( ) stands roughly 9.8” tall with 3 points [...]

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Coarse – Cold Ways Book

November 3, 2016

Coarse’s remarkable Permanent Guest featuring Raccoon dutifully dragging Fish—lounging in his tub—was drawn from a saga that had yet been told at the time of the toy’s release. Fast forward to now with the impending release of Cold Ways, an illustrated book from Coarse detailing the tortured story of the fateful day Raccoon met fish, [...]

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JP Toys x Fools Paradise – The Last Why

November 2, 2016

Next up from Fools Paradise is the JP Toys exclusive The Last Why—fresh from the funhouse. Cleverly named, this is a Joker-themed Green+ Purple GID version of the recent ‘The Last Ride’ featuring Low Fool as the Caped Crusader. Limited to 200 pieces, the latest in the Coin Rides Game series are available now from [...]

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hugh gee chrome skull

Huck Gee – The Chrome Skullhead Blank

October 29, 2016

Looking to add a little sheen and shine to your toy collection, well look no further! Huck Gee just dropped some news on the release of his Skullhead Blank in chrome! Each piece is individually chromed before assembly. This 7” Skullhead release is limited to 50 pieces and must sell through in order for this [...]

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Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx – War Mouse

October 28, 2016

He’s not Mickey and definitely not from the happiest place on earth. Quite the opposite, War Mouse from Clogtwo and Mighty Jaxx is one bad, bad mouse. While he prefers stealth to head on aggression, his menacing, devil may care pose with two precariously held grenades betrays his willingness to go out in a blaze [...]

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