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Pavement Licker 2003 – 2017 Book

August 4, 2017

Back in early 2000’s, when the internet was young, art blogs had not been invented and social networks weren’t even a concept yet. At this time, graphic artist James-Lee Duffy and writer Josh Jones came up with an idea to create a platform for alternative artists and writers to be published. Art zine Pavement Licker [...]

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Matt Gondek x Silent Stage Gallery – Deconstructed Homer: Night Moves

August 4, 2017

Homer is back, in black. Silent Stage will release the Night Moves edition of Matt Gondek’s Deconstructed Homer sculpture cast in high-impact resin. Limited to 100 pieces, the all-black edition follows the OG Pittsburgh edition (yellow + black). It is available now from Silent Stage’s online shop for $169.99 (+s/h).

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Medicom BE@RBRICK x Karimoku Wenge 400%

July 25, 2017

The on going collaborative effort between Medicom and Karimoku returns in the latest BE@RBRICK constructed from luxurious and dark African Wenge wood. Known for their wood working in furniture, Karimoku applies the same level of craftsmanship in each handmade 400% BE@RBRICK. Available now HERE.

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Ron English – ‘Make America GRIN Again’ SDCC Pop-Up

July 21, 2017

Ron English will begin his brand-new Make America GRIN Again tour with a Pop-Up exhibition and shop at Luce Loft in San Diego—an easy walk from the convention center—during SDCC weekend. The event will feature art work and editions from Ron English as well as fellow artists Mark Dean Veca, Rob Prior, Madsteez, and Jeremyville. [...]

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UNKLE x Super 7 25th Anniversary Action Figures

July 20, 2017

Super7 has been teasing their upcoming collaboration with UNKLE, set to drop at a special two-day event at their San Diego location (7.22-7.23). Thanks to a nice Hypebeast article we now know that the mysterious project is actually an UNKLE action figure and record combo packaged inside a matching Pointman clamshell—part of UNKLE’s 25th anniversary. [...]

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Artist Turns Typewriters Into Guns

July 18, 2017

We’ve seen plenty of artists take ordinary objects, disassemble them and turn them into something completely different. Éric Nado is a Canadian artist who turns typewriters into guns. Each Royal, Underwood, Tippa, Rheinmetall, Remington, Brother or Lettera typewriter is painstakingly broken down into its constituent parts before being rebuilt, sometimes with the addition of bullet [...]

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Medicom x Velvet Lounge Stardust Be@rbrick Pendant K18 Gold

July 15, 2017

Coveted toy manufacturers Medicom collaborate with Japanese jewellers Velvet Lounge to create a collection of luxe bejewelled Be@rbricks, that can be worn as necklaces and keyrings or can stand alone as decorative ornaments. Available now HERE.

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Erik Olson – “L.A. Paintings” @ Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

July 12, 2017

On July 15th, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles will be opening L.A. Paintings, solo show by Erik Olson. With this exhibition, Düsseldorf-based artist will be introducing his ongoing project that includes exploration and experimentation with portraiture. Marking the culmination of the series of works that peaked during his recent art residency at The La Brea [...]

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BAIT x Medicom Transformers SDCC 17 Exclusive

July 12, 2017

BAIT is headed to San Diego once again, loaded with an arsenal of shiny exclusives for Comic-Con. 2017’s drops are all about Pop Culture from Saturday morning cartoons to 80’s video games to Small Gifts. To kick things off, here is a look at the super shiny BAIT x Medicom 100% and 400% Megatron Be@rbrick [...]

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Medicom Alien Warrior Be@rbrick Black 1000%

July 11, 2017

Created to celebrate the Alien sci-fi horror film franchise, this posable plastic ‘Warrior Alien’ features a skeletal design printed onto a glossy black Medicom Be@rbrick figure. Available now HERE.

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Medicom BE@RBRICK Yasuto Sasada 100% + 400%

July 9, 2017

Medicom releases this limited edition figure in collaboration with highly regarded artist Yasuto Sasada. The two piece 100% and 400% BE@RBRICK’s feature his iconic imagery and is finished with the artist’s reproduced signature at the rear. These highly sought after figures are a must have for any BE@RBRICK collector. Available now HERE.

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Huck Gee—Arthur & The Problem Solver

July 6, 2017

With each new limited-edition release, Huck Gee expands and deepens the unfolding Dapper Scoundrels backstory. Back in March we were introduced to Darby the Fixer, a resourceful and destructive badger. Next? A heaping dose of brawn in the form of Arthur, the bulldog. If pure muscle isn’t enough, there’s always the ‘Problem Solver’, a massive [...]

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