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Sugar Diabetic Bear by Ron English

October 21, 2017

The final apostle in the Cereal Killer Last Breakfast is here. The Sugar Diabetic Bear stands at 9″ tall and is available now HERE. Fatten up Your Vinyl Art Collection!

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Andrew Bell – Kill Kat Milk Chocolate

October 20, 2017

With the success of Andrew Bell’s Kill Kat figures at New York Comic-Con, myplasticheart opened up a special pre-order for those who missed out on these sinister chocolate covered snacks. These figures stand 6″ tall with a chance of scoring a Dark Chocolate edition with GID details! You can find them available for pre-order HERE [...]

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KAWS BFF Black Edition

October 14, 2017

An Instagram post coming from KAWS not too long ago shared some news a lot of us have been awaiting for. An estimated date of the release of his vinyl edition of the BFF figure (black), which was originally plush. KAWS mentions that the first release will take place exclusively through MOMA and later [...]

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Ron English x Made By Monsters – Police Grin at NYCC via Toy Tokyo

October 10, 2017

Ron English’s Grin is a force to be reckoned with. Next up is Police Grin, call it Trooper Grin. Debuting at NYCC from the Toy Tokyo Booth [588/688], the first Star Wars grin looks great from the helmet to the middle-age, overweight stormy concept complete with bulging armor. Police Grin, MC SuperSize and the Cereal [...]

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Amanda Visell – The Iron Giant Limited Wooden Figure

September 28, 2017

Amanda Visell just added some more goodies to her store today! Up for grabs is her Iron Giant wooden figures, which are limited to only 5 pieces. The awesome thing about this release is that each one is a little unique from the other. They are all done by hand, as well as hand painted. [...]

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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – The Man of Steel

September 21, 2017

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura keep their super hero summer going with their newest spandex savior. Available now from Switcheroo, The Man of Steel (7”, 25 pcs, $135 + s/h) brings us a chill Superman seemingly enjoying some time away from fighting crime. He follows Wolvie and the Bat before that as the latest incarnation [...]

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Ron English x APPortfolio x Made By Monsters – Shocking Sun Flowers

September 14, 2017

Ron English’s amazing Sun Flower sculptures with an uncanny likeness to Mr. Squarepants are back in fun new colors. The new Shocking Sun Flowers—a collaboration between Ron, APPortfolio and Made by Monsters—are a follow-up to the Growing Grins editions released at Art Fair Tokyo this Spring. While the OG editions featured a ‘natural’ palette with [...]

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James Jean – “Hunting Party II” Print

September 2, 2017

James Jean just released a new time limited edition entitled Hunting Party II. The print depicts all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, comes sized at 21-15/16″ tall × 29-1/2″ wide (image size: 18-3/4″ tall × 27-5/16″ wide), and cost $200. At this stage it is sold out, but for those who missed out, let [...]

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Neil Barrett Picasso Print Tee

August 30, 2017

Celebrated for his graphic prints with a modernist edge, Neil Barrett’s Picasso Print delivers its print in a suitably bold fashion. The Picasso Print is placed to centre of chest onto a ribbed crew neck. The relaxed silhouette complete the typically Barrett design. Available now in Black & Red or Black & Yellow HERE.

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Famous Brands Turned Into Action Figures

August 25, 2017

Swiss artist and illustrator Dexter Maurer has taken some of the worlds most iconic brands and turned them into unique action figures for his Brand Knight project. Puma becomes The Wild Knight, a purple cat-like figure with two puma claws and one wild halberd. Nike becomes The Night Knight, a medieval / Arabian style suit [...]

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Buff Monster – Chrome Mister Melty Set

August 24, 2017

Buff Monster is following up two previous Pink Chrome Mister Melty figures (3” and 5”), with the trifecta—a Chrome Mister Melty set featuring all three Mister Melty (3”) figures. Featuring the classic and timeless chrome appeal, the set features the regular, zombie and two-faced toys complete with swanky velvet bags. As with other drops, the [...]

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Medicom Charlie Brown Be@rbrick Yellow 1000%

August 21, 2017

Medicom Toy release a Be@rbrick of the popular cartoon character Charlie Brown from Peanuts. Reviving American figure with the character’s distinctive outfit and hair in both the 1000% and 100% design. Available now HERE.

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