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B.TWO’s Jazz-Hop Single ‘New Day’ OUT NOW

June 22, 2017

Have ya’ll copped your copy of B.two’s jazz-hop single ‘New Day’? It’s out now HERE. You can also link with DJ B.TWO via his facebook or instagram. Get on it! New Day by B.TWO

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J*RYU x Kidrobot – 8” Clairvoyant Antique Silver Dunny

June 18, 2017

Oooh… The future looks bright with the new antique silver edition of the 8” Clairvoyant Dunny from J*RYU. The third edition of the stunning piece is available now via This colorway was selected by fans through an online FB poll earlier this year—nice choice! As with the others, this one features a matching 3” [...]

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Kidrobot x Clutter – DTA Dunny Series

June 17, 2017

Following the early preview drop at Five Points Festival, the Designer Toy Award Dunny series from Kidrobot x Clutter is now available in general release. The series features multiple Dunnys from Andrea Kang, So Youn Lee, Gary Ham, QUICCS, and The Bots who each created customs for one of the two DTA Dunny exhibitions. The [...]

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KAWS Companion Blush + Flayed Open Editions at KAWSONE

June 7, 2017

As you may very well be aware, KAWS released two new Companion Blush Open Edition figures in April to coincide with the opening of his Where the End Starts exhibition in Shanghai at the Yuz Museum. The limited availability set of a frantic hunt and drove the second market prices upwards. Thankfully there’s some temporary [...]

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ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx – Bitchy Rich

June 6, 2017

The Donald as President Trump is proving to be a rich source of inspiration for comedians, artists, and other creative folks driven to comment on today’s politics. Street artist ABCNT’s murals of Bitchy Rich portray 45 as Richie Rich clutching stacks of cash. The biting caricature is now making the leap from the wall to [...]

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Fools Paradise – “I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee”

June 3, 2017

Next up from Fools Paradise is the humorous I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee vinyl set featuring Lowfool as a reluctant Iron Man relaxing alongside Stan Lee. If you check the WIP and proto shots below, you’ll see that Iron Man is actually helping his creator prep a turkey Repulsor-style. This is the second in [...]

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Ron English – Richie Trump

June 2, 2017

Ron English’s recent East Meets West tour was full of exciting news from the life-sized statues (and their subsequent removal) to the numerous new figures including the Black Light Cereal Killer minis. It was also where Ron revealed the upcoming new Richie Trump soft vinyl figure. Ron’s latest political Popaganda cast a sarcastic take on [...]

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Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx – Exclusive 8” Gold Soul Collector

May 27, 2017

Huck Gee will be heading to NYC for the DTAs and Five Point Festival. What’s on tap? How about an 8” Exclusive Gold Soul Collector? That’s right, this is the first 8” Gold Life figure from Mighty Jaxx. Huck will be on-hand at the Mighty Jaxx booth [#442] for a few signing sessions. More details [...]

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Flying Fortress x Artoyz – Teddy Troops 2.0

May 21, 2017

We’ve been waiting long enough! Artoyz is happy to finally release Flying Fortress’ Teddy Troops 2.0. With the release through Artoyz, there will be two versions available in three different packages. The Regular edition (Pack A) will be limited to only 320 pieces for $105, while the Variant edition (Pack B) will be limited to [...]

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Vomit Kid by OKEH

May 19, 2017

“Vomit Kid started from an idea that my artworks are a mere discharge of the filth contained in my head. Some may find them beautiful while others don’t but the world itself is already filled with dirt on the hands of many individuals. I have to keep discharging and working on my art even if [...]

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Ron English – “Crunch Berries” Edition Cap’n Corn Starch

May 18, 2017

Ron English is bringing to you a brand new flavor for his Cap’n Corn Starch figure. The brand new “Crunch Berries” edition will soon be available at your favorite designer toy retailer. This edition features pink tinted skin and a purple shoe and will retail $60. Complete your Cereal Killers collection with this sweet piece.

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Wilkowksi x Luke Chueh – Infected Decapitated Bear Head (Blood Red Edition)

May 11, 2017

Known for his Infected and X-Ray versions of popular designer toys, Wilkowski has infected Chueh’s signature bear head, once again creating a collaboration that is to die for. Limited to 150 pieces in this colorway, these are available for $125 apiece HERE.

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