Fear of God Satin Baseball Coaches Jacket

January 24, 2018

Los Angeles local, Jerry Lorenzo, founded his luxury streetwear brand Fear of God in 2013. Over the past few years the brand has evolved into an essential staple of the contemporary fashion market. Lorenzo embodies ready to wear, high quality garments with each collection. Almost single handedly creating a new lane in the fashion game, Lorenzo continues to create sophisticated yet fly, high quality basics. Always unique but never straying far from the core vision of what has made Fear of God such a revolutionary brand. Instant classics always.

The Long sleeve nylon satin bomber jacket in a subtle pale pink and gold. Snap closure at front. Terrycloth appliqué patch in beige and black at chest. Double welt pockets at waist. Logo embroidered in white and black across the back. Rib knit cuffs and hem striped in black and white. Super comfortable 100% nylon outer.

Available in Blush or Gold HERE.

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