Zenith Defy Lab Showcases Innovative New Silicon Oscillator and Aluminum Composite Case

October 22, 2017

Zenith turns the page on a new chapter in the history of the Swiss watch industry with the introduction of a new oscillating system it touts as “the first and only mechanical watch embodying both an evolution and an improvement of the sprung balance principle presented in January 1675.” Down the road man years looking back, this development may be viewed on par with Zenith’s 1969 introduction of the Swiss watch industry’s first ever automatic chronograph, the El Primero. How’s that for hyperbole?! For now, such a notion is merely just that but suffice it to say this is certainly a big deal for Zenith and everyone there who has been working on this new innovation.

Manufacture Zenith has been making mechanical watches for 152 years and currently has the capacity to produce around 40 different movements (featuring various shapes and equipped with complications), reflecting its exceptional expertise. Connoisseurs well know the paternity of the Swiss watch industry’s first ever automatic chronograph introduced in 1969 by Zenith. The new Defy Lab is radically different, though arguably just as innovative in its proper context. Have a look below for more details.

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