Wu-Tang “If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation)” & “Hood Go Bang” Videos

October 22, 2017

Although not a “true” album from the crew (plus, U-God didn’t appear because of his legal issues with RZA. And GZA isn’t there because… who knows), the Wu-Tang Clan‘s The Saga Continues could possibly be one of the last times fans will see the group (mostly) together for a project. So, might as well enjoy it while they can?

Regardless, the Clan follows up their “People Say” video with a double-shot for “If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation)” and “Hood Go Bang.” Starring Method Man the video is a showcase of the Ticallion Stallion’s still-sharp skills, as even after over two decades of rocking the microphone they have not dulled in the slightest. Directed by Itchy House, the video can be seen below.

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