Ron English x APPortfolio x Made By Monsters – Shocking Sun Flowers

September 14, 2017

Ron English’s amazing Sun Flower sculptures with an uncanny likeness to Mr. Squarepants are back in fun new colors. The new Shocking Sun Flowers—a collaboration between Ron, APPortfolio and Made by Monsters—are a follow-up to the Growing Grins editions released at Art Fair Tokyo this Spring.

While the OG editions featured a ‘natural’ palette with yellow flowers and green stems, the new editions (16.5”) feature more unusual, even Shocking colors. Shocking Pink (230 pieces) features pink petals, green stems, and a purple pot while Dark Force (70 pieces) features a yellow + black design with GID teeth.

They are available online from APPortfolio for $510 (+ s/h) for the Shocking Pink and $1020 (+ s/h) for the set of the Pink and the Dark Force. For full info, check out @APPortfolio.

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