Platinum Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Limited Edition

September 10, 2017

Summer break is in the rear view! Looking ahead, I thought this somewhat unusual piece from Omega warranted a look. I say ‘unusual’ in the sense that it is not the type of watch that most think of when Omega is on display. Officially the “Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Master Chronometer Limited Edition”, this watch is ultra-luxe as far as Omega goes with a 43mm platinum case + dial, and a grand feu enamel dial. What’s also perhaps going on here is that Omega is heralding the launch of a production model world timer at some point down the road, and this is a way to showcase it and build early enthusiasm.

The frosted platinum dial surrounds an enamel world map at the center, with cities of the world interspersed amongst the applied hour markers (done in 18k yellow gold). There is also a rotating 24-hour home time wheel. The cities are color coded: black indicating places that run on summer time, and blue for locations without summer time. Bienne — Omega’s home — replaces what is often Paris or Geneva for the GMT +1 time zone slot.

The watch is equipped with Omega’s “Master Chronometer” cal. 8939 that also passes Omega’s preferred METAS testing to ensure accuracy and functionality. An upgrade fitting of the exclusive nature of this model, the rotor and balance bridge are done in 18k red gold rather than typical brass as seen on stainless steel models.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Master Chronometer Limited Edition (ref. is limited to 87 pieces, priced at $48,600 per. Available from December 2017.

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