The Desert Issue Rolex Submariner by SFI

August 20, 2017

Interesting project here which just came to my attention…custom Rolex fans will definitely want to check this out. The SPECIAL FORCES ISSUE (SFI) concept “was conceived following discussions with former members of the UK Special Forces who were looking to produce a special tool watch as a vestige of their service.” The SFI military Submariners are created using original modern timepieces, re-styled to pay a respectful homage to the historical military watches of the past such as the Rolex 5517 issued to British SAS & SBS divers during the 1970s, then further enhanced to meet the exact needs of the modern day UK Special Forces (UKSF). SFI military Submariners have been exclusively designed, tested & are worn by members of the UKSF.

The ‘Desert Issue’ military Submariner or DI01 is available to order via the official SFI website HERE with production being highly limited. The DI01 is priced at £13500 GBP & limited to 55 numbered examples.

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