Control Almost Every Gaming Platform You Own with an NES Arcade Stick

August 19, 2017

Some gamers are so comfortable with old-school gaming, they’re constantly looking for ways to turn their modern setups into something a kid from the 80s would recognize. For those kinds of gamers, 8Bitdo’s NES30 Arcade Stick fills a special kind of role. It’s compatible with most modern gaming consoles, including the Switch, PC, macOS, and Android. In 18 hour one session (that’s how long the built in rechargeable battery lasts), you can start on Nintendo’s latest console, move to your computer, fight a friend on their Mac, and finish up playing Mortal Kombat on an Android phone. The controller works through both Bluetooth connectivity and a USB adapter, giving it versatility most third party controllers never get. It’s probably best suited for fighting games and side-scrolling adventures, but the creative among us always find some way to beat Rock Band or Skyrim, with one of these things, so it’s functionality is far from limited. Plus, bringing a little NES to something never hurt. Available now HERE.

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