A Look at the New Louis Vuitton Smartwatch

August 27, 2017

The new Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smartwatch. Surprised? I kinda was. Although smartwatches are kind of a thing right now, it is interesting to see a high fashion / high luxury brand such as Louis Vuitton join the trend. The watch runs Android software like many other (though lesser priced) smartwatches, but the case and strap are pure Louis Vuitton. After all, the “aesthetic is nonnegotiable” says LV’s CEO.

The new 42mm watch is based on the new Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon watch case that I recently took a look at, and I must say it is a good looking watch. Though it comes loaded with standard smartwatch features (email notifications, fitness tracking, alarm, and world time, etc), Louis Vuitton has also added its own fluorishes such “city guides” and travel apps a la Louis Vuitton style.

Like the Apple Watch, it charges via a magnetic dock and will reportedly run for a day on a full charge. The watch comes in three finishes (polished steel, brushed steel, and full black steel), with myriad strap choices and quick change strap system — 30 different strap styles to choose from for each of the men’s and women’s models.

Price is $2,450 in steel or $2,900 full black. Not much as far as Louis Vuitton fine watchmaking goes, but a pretty penny when it comes to a smartwatch. The Apple Watch Hermes is $1,149, by comparison.

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