KFC Turned a To-Go Box Into a Video Game Controller

July 27, 2017

Has anyone checked on the KFC marketing department recently? We’re afraid they’re in a basement at the tail end of some wild drug bender. How else could you explain some of their recent decisions. You can add this to the list of oddities. KFC just introduced the Gamer’s Box 2.0, a Bluetooth video game controller fashioned from a to-go box of chicken. Why? Probably because they’ve been eating mushrooms and getting in touch with Mother Ayahuasca. To use the Gamer Box 2.0, you place your phone in the mount on top of the box, pair the device with it, and then use the controller pieces that protrude from the sides to play. Unfortunately you can’t buy this curiosity, but you can win it by through KFC India’s social media accounts. If the colonel starts playing the sitar in the next ad, we may need to get help.

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