Huck Gee—Arthur & The Problem Solver

July 6, 2017

With each new limited-edition release, Huck Gee expands and deepens the unfolding Dapper Scoundrels backstory. Back in March we were introduced to Darby the Fixer, a resourceful and destructive badger. Next? A heaping dose of brawn in the form of Arthur, the bulldog. If pure muscle isn’t enough, there’s always the ‘Problem Solver’, a massive plumber’s wrench. The details and craftsmanship are aces here – from the hand-tailored outfit (derby hat, shirt, suspender pants, and spiffy shoes) to the anchor-tattoo from his days in the Navy.

Limited to ten pieces, Arthur & The Problem Solver is available for $875 (+ s/h). To order, drop an inquiry to

Arthur, a former sailor and boxer in Her Majesty’s Crown Navy, now the Dapper Scoundrel’s muscle and team roadie. He was introduced to Flynn and the gang, by Darby, after he bounced out of the service and he’s been an important part of the crew ever since. Arthur and his “Problem Solver” are now practically family.

When not lugging equipment around out on the road he can be found hanging ’round the garage, reading the Daily Struggle and helping Thorn tear down bikes. Or if it’s been a particularly hard day, perhaps alone on a hillock, contemplating a quieter life with a bottle of whiskey and a good cigar.

This is Arthur.

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