“IKEA Pack” Air Jordan 1 Custom by The Shoe Surgeon

May 20, 2017

Partnering with Los Angeles design/maker Elliott Evan, The Shoe Surgeon is right on top of the internet’s top trend as he presents the “IKEA Pack” Air Jordan 1 Custom. Turning the ’85 favorite into a Field Boot and using IKEA bag material and suede, these also come with a matching bomber jacket by the denoted designer he partnered with as well as an instruction manual.

Look for the pack to launch today (Saturday) at a random time to the tune of 10 combos made to order in the customer’s sizes. Two lucky buyers will also get a custom yellow bag inspired the Balenciaga bag that set this whole thing off.

If the $1500 price tag is too steep, lurk around IKEA Carson as a manual from The Shoe Surgeon will be left behind and the lucky finder will get a combo in their size. Pretty dope. Peep pics below.

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