Huck Gee – Darby the Fixer

April 8, 2017

From the unrelenting mind and infallible hands of Huck Gee comes the latest limited-edition Dapper Scoundrels release. A capable infantryman turned DAME pilot turned gun and motor bike runner, Derby the Fixer is quite the stylish smuggler. A badgerish sort of chap, Darby is dressed to the nines in his tweed suit, leather shoes and driving cap. Should the need arise, he’s more than ready to meet trouble with his trusty Tommy gun.

Limited to ten pieces, Darby the Fixer comes fully outfitted and includes two weapons crates loaded with grenades and additional Thompson machine guns. Oh and did we mention the wee sea gull? A fun homage to the roaring 20’s, this one really show’s off Huck’s toy tailoring skills—mighty fine! Darby the Fixer is available for $875 (+ s/h). To contract him for your next ‘job’, drop a line to

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