MURS “God Bless Kanye West”

February 19, 2017


The last time MURS was in the public eye, he was busy breaking world records for rapping 24 hours straight. But now he’s back in album mode. And on March 10th, he’s releasing Captain California — his second solo album as part of the Strange Music family, following 2015’s Have A Nice Life.

Last week, he proved to be a hip hop “Survivor” with over two decades in the game. And today, he’s giving us the green light to debut a new record from the album called “GBKW (God Bless Kanye West).”

“The whole album is based on my love of comic books,” MURS told us over email. “On Captain California, I’m making things colorful and vivid and telling stories where I sensationalize them without glorifying them.”

For the album’s second single, MURS sends his concerns out for Kanye West and others in the black community confronted with mental health issues.

Captain California is set to land on March 10 via Strange Music. Listen to “GBKW” below.

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