Ras Kass – “AmeriKKKan Horror Story pt. 1 & 2”

November 14, 2016

Those of you who have been following Ras Kass‘ career since his debut 1996 album Soul On Ice are well aware of the West Coast legend’s ability to confidently stir the controversial pot, while being able to strike back at skeptics with actual facts — such as with “Nature of the Threat” which directly attacks the idea of white supremacy and its altering and hiding of real Black history.

Now, with the country under siege of fear and a racist, bigoted billionaire about to take the Presidential seat, the Goldyn Chyld links up with Nottz and The Olympicks to narrate a two-part “AmeriKKKan Horror Story,” condemning Trump’s proposed (and racist) policies and addressing the dark times that are ahead of us for the next four years.

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