Drewfunk ‘Comfort in Tears’ @ Ambush Gallery

November 30, 2016

drewfunk comfort in tears

After a 3-year exhibition hiatus, Drewfunk is showing a body of work produced on dibond, stretched linen and canvases.

The paintings, and their subjects, depict an inherent sadness and longing. But the juxtaposition of vivid colours, coupled with the artist’s own sense of optimism and ever-willingness, would make the viewer interpret the works as a contradiction.

Rather fitting, as Drewfunk explains; “These paintings allowed me to see life in a new light, to pull myself out of darkness, out of the pit of depression.”

The title is an ode to the many contradictions that exist in life.

The exhibition will also feature a limited run of screen prints, with 10% of proceeds going to Beyond Blue.

‘Comfort In Tears’ is open now at aMBUSH Event Space, Level 3, Central Park Mall.

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