Coarse – Cold Ways Book

November 3, 2016

Coarse’s remarkable Permanent Guest featuring Raccoon dutifully dragging Fish—lounging in his tub—was drawn from a saga that had yet been told at the time of the toy’s release. Fast forward to now with the impending release of Cold Ways, an illustrated book from Coarse detailing the tortured story of the fateful day Raccoon met fish, an event that forever altered him. The book [8”x10”, 73 pages] features a story written by LA-based writer Andrew Greenberg and 30+ illustrations by Sven Waschk. The Cold Ways hardcover w/dust jacket is available for pre-order from Coarse HKG for 75 HKD [~ US$35] + s/h. The book is slated to ship in November. If you’re in LA, Book Soup on Sunset apparently has it.

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