Nike Air Max 90 Utility Debuts in “Infrared” Colorway

October 25, 2016

Over the last few years, there has been anything but a shortage of “Infrared” iterations of the Nike Air Max 90. But many of these models have been modified variations of the original, much like the pair we view here today.

The Nike Air Max 90 Utility “Infrared” marks the biggest departure aesthetically from the OG “Infrared”. Sure, the color concept remains the same, but everything else shifts greatly.

First and foremost is the black shroud that covers the mid-cut silo. What’s more, the Air Max 90 Utility is paneled in a way that strays from original construction, largely due to the implementation of its new covering.

What are your thoughts on the Nike Air Max 90 Utility “Infrared”? Take a look below and let us know.

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