Air Jordan 3 “Cyber Monday”

October 15, 2016

When Jordan Brand placed the Air Jordan 3 in the vault a few years back, it was to wonder the reasoning behind such a decision. Was the model getting to saturated? Did they want to hold off on releasing the shoe until an anniversary year? The question remains unanswered. Whatever the case, though, we’re glad the 88’s are back and releasing this month and next.

To start, the Air Jordan 3 “Cyber Monday” allows the shoe to explore a heightened level of contemporary pleasure. Doused in premium black leather and monochromatic white contrasts, this color blocking and material usage is very much of the times. But, what it does in terms of versatility and overall cultural presence, is set the stage for the nostalgic Air Jordan 3 “True Blue” with Nike Air branding on Black Friday. It’s a potent one-two punch very strategic in its methodology. The first release shows the shoe thriving in modern sneaker culture. The second appeals to our ever-present sense of past and attraction to a greater era of sports where MJ reigned.

Will you be picking up both pairs starting with the “Cyber Monday” 3’s this weekend? Take a better look at the shoe below and let us know.

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