Huck Gee – The Can Opener

September 2, 2016

What do you do when faced heavily-armored, yet lumbering enemy mechs? Unless you’re a Jedi with a grappling hook and a light saber, you need another way to get under the armor of a mechanized beast. If you’re a bit crazy, you get close, no closer, and then crack ‘em open with a big hammer (naturally) and set charges. The Can Opener is one cleverly explosive way the Dapper Little Scoundrels level the playing field against the relentless march of the Untz.

Huck Gee’s newest limited-edition features an intrepid (or maybe foolish) warrior in a highly mobile yet super thin mobile suit armed with a big red hammer and some TNT. Limited to 10 pieces, The Can Opener can be yours now for $850 (+ s/h) from

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