Boy Pakaron x JPX x Fools Paradise – Bloody Barber Benji

September 7, 2016

Bloody Barber Benji (12”) is the final edition in the crazy fun series conceptualized by Thai star Boy Pakaron and brought to life by JPX x Fools Paradise. For his final turn, Benji—drawn in black, orange and white—has taken things to the ultimate extreme with blood splattered nearly everywhere including his once pristine white moustache (magnetically removable), his torso, his feet and more. Executing in style, Benji’s scissors and knife now have a shiny chrome sheen.

Limited to 100 pieces, the resin figure will be available from JPX’s distributor Playhouse and from Fools Paradise. Playhouse will release 75 pieces on Thursday (9.8) @ 9 AM PDT for 8900 baht (~ US$257) + s/h from their web shop. Fools Paradise will follow with a pre-order for 25 pieces on Friday (9.9) @ 10 PM PDT for $249 + $30 for global shipping from their site.

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