Kidrobot – Dairobo-Z 5” Dunnys by Dolly Oblong

August 9, 2016

Kidrobot has just released the fun new Dairobo-Z 5” Dunnys from Dolly Oblong. Based on the design of their DTA Dunny 2015 show custom, Dairobo-Z is energized by a love of Japanese giant robots. As a fun nod to a mostly bygone era of toys, the Dunny features a rocket-fist frozen mid-launch. Emblazoned in silver, blue, yellow and red, the standard edition is available from Kidrobot and select retailers for $34.99. In addition, Kidrobot has an exclusive purple with a hint of blue GID edition (250 pcs)—translucent blue rocket trail FTW—available for $34.99 directly from

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