Black EL – “5 to 6″

August 1, 2016

All of us go through a period of wondering what the fuck we’re doing with our lives. Sometimes that feeling lasts weeks, sometimes months, years or a lifetime. I’ve been in and out of one of those phases for the last year and a half, but then I lean back and realize it could be worse.

“Why do I do this shit?” sums up the feeling, though, and it’s a question Black EL asks on his newest tune, “5 to 6.”

The Boston rapper ponders his worth and meaning in life, especially after recognizing a pattern in his daily activities. “5 to 6, I get lit, then I go through the list,” he raps on the hook, noting the schedule of his 9-to-5 job, an hour of relaxing then going through the list of shit to get done before the next day starts.

It’s a mold millions of working people fit into, and it’s also a mold millions of working people constantly want to break. And as if that weight wasn’t heavy enough, cops are killing civilians and vice versa, a maniacal reality star and businessman is running for president and politicians are cool with a whole city’s drinking water being poisoned.

So try and figure out life with Black EL below.

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