Collect and Display Exclusive “Hondo OG” from 2PetalRose

June 21, 2016

Scheduled for a release this Friday 24th at 8:00pm UK time exclusively via, is this “Hondo OG Edition” from 2PetalRose. Released as a part of their monthly custom series, “Hondo OG” is limited to only 5 pieces worldwide, each priced at £295.00 GBP. (Max purchase of 1 per customer.)

Part of the 2PetalRose’s “Shogun Rebel” series, this custom Hondo goes Old School with Hip Hop / B-boy inspired attire. This hand-casted and hand-painted resin figure stands approx. 30cm tall (including helmet / approx 40cm tall with stand/base), and comes with the following;

- Magnetic feet / metal plate on base
- Resin figurine with ball jointed head
- Wood base with samurai flag
- Ghetto blaster (boombox)
- Katana (sword)
- Removable samurai helmet (with VW crest)
- Custom printed bandana
- Glasses (removable)

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