adidas Officially Reveals Crazylight 2016

June 15, 2016

Designed specifically for James Harden and other members of the adidas Basketball roster, the Crazylight 2016 is officially revealed today in all its splendor.

With 100 percent heel-to-toe Boost cushioning – the largest implementation of Boost in a basketball shoe to date – the adidas Crazylight 2016 elects for a woven base matched with a unique camouflage effect inspired by the speed and deception of players disrupting the lane.

“It’s really comfortable, performs well and has tremendous style. Designs like this and shoes built for my game are the reason why I came to adidas Basketball,” says James Harden when describing the new low-cut silhouette.

Harden, along with Jeremy Lin and Kyle Lowry, will wear the shoe on-court breaking new ground for adidas Hoops. “We reengineered our entire approach to bring our industry leading technology as close to the foot as possible. The result is a shoe that not only meets the demands of today’s on-court play, but has a style that players can rock off the court as well,” expressed Brian Foresta, vice president of basketball design at adidas.

The adidas Crazylight 2016 releases on July 2 for $120 at

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