Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – MC Joker Grin

May 5, 2016

Who’s Bartman Grin’s nemesis? Why MC Joker Grin of course. Yep, JPS Gallery returns to the costumed hero side of Springfield with this special edition of Ron English’s MC Supersized Grin from Made by Monsters. Limited to 400 pieces, Joker Grin features three secret editions—5%, 10%, and 20%—along with the normal edition (65%) shown above. This one will be released on May 5th (today) three ways – via JPS Gallery for international collectors, at Thailand Toy Expo via Playhouse and via Toy Tokyo (Noon PDT) for collectors in North America. While Toy Tokyo has not announced pricing, we expect it to be around the $260 mark based on pricing mentioned in JPS’s post. These should ship in early June. Hit the jump for a look at the eye black secret.

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