Fools Paradise – Darkside K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3

May 20, 2016

Fools Paradise is now taking pre-orders for the third release in its ongoing Star Wars-themed Coin Rides Game series. So far we’ve seen a Sand Trooper (Sand K.Troop #1) atop a Dewback and Boba Fett (Boba K.Slave #2) taking flight on Slave I. This time around with Darkside K.X1, Darth Keiko has got herself a Tie Fighter to ride, if only someone will give her a coin or two to make it go.

As with the other two, the sculpting and paint look top-notch. The ship design is at once recognizable and detailed yet altered just enough to have a looser, ‘fun’, kiddie ride vibe. The two ride support columns feature ball-joints for side-to-side action/posability.

Limited to a maximum of 500 pieces, Darkside K.X1 (~ 12” assembled) is available for preorder now through May 26th, 2016 from Fools Paradise for $299 (includes global shipping). The toys will ship in Q3.

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