JMSN – “Hypnotized”

April 23, 2016


So far, JMSN’s new project has trended toward being influenced by blues and soul, and it’s bred some fantastic, intimate singles (“Most Of All,” “Cruel Intentions”). With It Is set to drop in a couple weeks, the Michigan producer/singer delivers yet another cut from the LP, “Hypnotized.” While the song completes with Christian Berishaj belting over an ensemble of guitars, piano, bass and horns, “Hypnotized” begins with another layer of welcomed influence — reggae.

JMSN kicks off the ditty trading verses with Arima Ederra, both agreeing the should call “a spade, a spade” and, you know, get down to business. While both may be “hypnotized” and entranced by one another, it’s pretty clear they both know how this scenario ends. JMSN’s three-for-three thus far, and It Is is shaping up to be one of the year’s better efforts.

Stream “Hypnotized” below, and pre-order It Is on iTunes before its May 6 release date.

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